What kind of magazine does a Browning BAR rifle use?

What kind of magazine does a Browning BAR rifle use?

Description: Browning BAR Rifle Extra / Replacement Magazine. Browning Factory Original BAR Rifle Magazine / Clip for BAR rifles manufactured between 1967 and 1992. These magazines will not fit Browning BAR MKI Safari Rifles, Browning BAR Lightweight Rifles, Browning BAR Shortrac Rifles, or Browning BAR Longtrac Rifles.

Can a BAR ShortTrac fit a Browning magazine?

Fits short action versions of both BAR ShortTrac and MK3 models. This is a genuine Browning magazine made with a formed steel body and feed lips, polymer base plate and shoulder. Not compatible with BAR Hogstalker rifles. Specifically designed for Mark2 Safari versions of the short action BAR (including several WSM calibers).

Can a Browning BAR accept a higher capacity MAG?

Discussion in ‘ New Member Welcome Area ‘ started by atkpilot, Oct 27, 2012 . I am interested in modifying my Browning Bar to accept a higher capacity mag. Obviously this would be a customized mod. Does anyone know a company that can modify the base and makes a higher capacity mag.

Is the Browning magazine website out of date?

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What kind of Magnum can a Browning BAR shoot?

In fact, the BAR is still unique as a semi-auto that can accommodate magnums like the 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag. This means the BAR is capable of dropping antelope, deer, elk, moose and bear. No other production semi-automatic rifle can make this statement without a stretch.

When did the Browning BAR Mk 3 come out?

It also served in Korea and Vietnam before being phased out. In 1967, Browning introduced the next BAR, a semi-automatic sporting rifle for hunters—and that rifle is the direct forefather of this new BAR MK 3 DBM.

What are the features of a Browning BAR?

Notable Feature: The magazine release tab on the right side of the rifle’s bottom metal enables left-handed shooters to perform quick magazine changes. The texturing on it provides excellent tactile feedback.Bill Buckley The rifle’s barrel is 18 inches long with a 1:12-inch twist. That short barrel makes this BAR especially compact and handy.