When did Savage discontinue the Model 99?

When did Savage discontinue the Model 99?

The Model 99 was finally discontinued in 1998, by which time the rising cost of labor meant that even the detachable magazine version could no longer be profitably produced.

When was the Savage 99 made?

Savage Model 99
Designed 1892–1899
Manufacturer Savage Arms Company
Produced 1899–1998
Variants Model 1892, Model 1895, Model 1899

What was the first Savage lever action rifle?

Savage Model 99. The Model 99, and its predecessor models 1892 and 1895, is a series of lever action rifles created by the Savage Arms Company in Utica, New York. History. The Model 99 was preceded by the Model 1895, which was the first hammerless lever-action rifle.

What was the barrel size of the Savage 1899 rifle?

A letter after the Model 1899 or Model 99 model number designated the specific variation, starting with the Model 1899A Rifle (round barrel), Model 1899B Rifle (octagon barrel) and Model 1899C Rifle (half octagon barrel), all introduced in 1899 with 26 inch barrels. There was also a Model 1899A Short Rifle with a 22 inch round barrel.

Is the Savage lever action easy to clean?

As you can see from the internal view of the Savage lever action they were a simple, basic action which can easily be accessed by just taking the butt stock off. This rifle has got to be the easiest rifle to clean, you open up all the internals and can clean them more properly and thoroughly by this method.

What’s the ser.number on a savage 99?

The ser. # is 1027144. Thanks. Sorry, Texgun… I must have missed your question on my previous visit to this forum. I posted information on the “lever boss code” in this forum on another question of the age of a Model 99… here is my previous post, I hope it helps you: