When did the Stevens Model 87 rifle come out?

When did the Stevens Model 87 rifle come out?

There are a lot of them out there somewhere- they were made from about 1938-1968. You may find the same rifle bearing the name Savage, Springfield, Stevens, or Fox- Savage bought Stevens in about 1920, and there is a somewhat incestuous relation between the companies.

What kind of rifle is the Stevens 22?

22 Long Rifle; 94% blue, poor bore, very good stock, 18” barrel, Single shot falling block rifle manufactured 1909-1936. Original blue finish, casehardened frame and plain walnut stock. Round …Click for more info Probably the nicest example of this model Stevens we have ever offered for sale.

When did Savage buy out the Stevens rifle?

Savage bought out Stevens in 1920. 076 (best sights). Anything Buckhorn, was supposed to be a better rifle ~ wood, sights, etc. Pre-war models sport the checkering on the grip areas. The

How much does a Stevens Arms gun cost?

Know what your Stevens Arms firearms are worth with this up-to-date 16 -page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. * Completely updated pricing for Stevens Arms firearms with new entries and photos

When did Savage Arms take over Stevens Arms?

STEVENS ARMS CO., J. All Models :: Gun Values by Gun Digest In 1864, this firm began doing business as J. Stevens & Company. In 1888, it was incorporated as J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. It operated as such until 1920, when it was taken over by Savage Arms Company. It has operated as an independent division in this organization since.

What kind of shotgun does Stevens Arms make?

This company manufactured a number of single-barrel break-open single-shot shotguns. They were chambered for various gauges, with various length barrels and chokes. They are quite similar in appearance and were designed as inexpensive utility-grade weapons.

What should I do if my J Stevens Model 87A is loose?

Remove the stock and look at the screw that holds the rear of the trigger mechanism down. If it is loose it will fire full auto sometimes. With it apart, cock the bolt, pull the trigger and hold it. Now pull the bolt back while holding the trigger. It should stay back until you release the trigger.

What are the parts of a Savage Stevens?

Vintage Savage Model 24 Selector Button – OLD STYLE. #J8 Savage Stevens Model 79 SLIDE HANDLE ASSEMBLY 12 GA. SAVAGE-STEVENS 14, 1914 SAFETY. PA-416

What kind of rifle is the Savage 87A?

It was a Savage 87A, and the cooling vents surrounding the bolt intrigued me. “Damned fine rifle, that is….” ventured Pop. I turned the heavy rimfire rifle over in my hands, noting the knurled bolt screw at the rear, the bolt knob with concentric circles cut into it, the dovetailed front sight with a brass bead.

When did Savage Stevens invent the rotary magazine rifle?

His initial patent application was filed on April 10, 1889, but no models were produced until 1892, when a group of businessmen in Utica, New York agreed to back the development of a rotary-magazine rifle.

Where did Savage Stevens get his rifle from?

After holding jobs as a graphic artist in London, cattle rancher in Australia, and coffee plantation manager in Jamaica, Savage moved to New York City, where, in June 1877, he filed a patent application for a repeating rifle with a two-piece pivoting breechblock and a tubular magazine located in the buttstock.

What kind of rifle is Springfield Model 87A?

I own a .22 short/long/long rifle (semi-auto in LR) marked as a “Springfield Model 87A – J. Stevens Arms Company – Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA”. It has four patent numbers on it but no serial number. It is a rather slim rifle with a tube magazine and small, lockable bolt knob.

What kind of rifle is J Stevens 22?

Stevens No. 26 Crack Shot . 22 Rifle: Up Stevens No. 26 Crack Shot . 22 Rifle: Up for bidding in this lot is a J Stephens Arms Company No. 26 “Crack Shot” . 22 Caliber Long Rifle. Stamping on RARE SMALL SIZE C.B. HOLDEN TIP UP SINGLE RARE SMALL SIZE C.B. HOLDEN TIP UP SINGLE SHOT RIFLE. Cal. 25 Stevens RF. SN 3.

Is the Savage Model 87A still in good condition?

The wood is in near-perfect condition and does not have any damage to note, no deep cuts, gouges, or pockmarks — its original finish is still intact. You are considering a vintage Savage/Stevens Model 87A Rifle that is chambered for 22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle.