Where are perazzi guns made?

Where are perazzi guns made?

The factory is in Botticino near Brescia, Italy. The guns are made to order and the customer can visit the factory to select options and receive a custom gun fit. This is often called “The Perazzi Experience”.

What is a perazzi MX3?

The MX3 was the cheapest combo Perazzi made and sold. They did not have selective triggers, so they shot the top barrel first, even the O/U was choked backwards to accommodate the top-bottom firing sequence.

How to tell the serial number of a Perazzi?

Is there a way to tell from the serial number when a Perazzi was manufactured? Take for example a mx2000s O/U with serial number 123xxx and a custom american skeet O/U with serial number 70xxx. Approximately when were they built? On the bottom of the mono-block there is a box and in that box are letters. Your MX-2000S was made around ’02~’03.

When did the Perazzi shotgun come out in the US?

During 1970s, Ithaca and Winchester imported and sold Perazzi shotguns. Perazzi has now taken over its own importation and distribution in United States, with creation of Perazzi USA, Inc. In addition, each model may be available in different grades.

What are the different grades of Perazzi Shotguns?

In addition, each model may be available in different grades. These grades are based on type of finish, engraving and wood quality. Vast majority of Perazzi shotguns that are sold in this country are Standard Grade guns. According to Perazzi USA, these Standard Grade guns account for approximately 98 percent of North American sales.

How often does a Perazzi gun need to be replaced?

Perazzi guns were designed to shoot thousands of shells a year for many years. The design is such that by replacing a few wear items, the gun can be renewed relatively inexpensively. The list below is ordered in sequence of cost to remedy the inspection point. Items #1 and #2 are very important as they are very expensive to fix. 1.