Where was the Church of Rotherham All Saints located?

Where was the Church of Rotherham All Saints located?

Monumental Inscriptions for Rotherham, 1802 taken from Dodsworth’s list. Monumental Inscriptions for Rotherham All Saints transcribed by Jack Parry. Under the FreeCen project, a part of the 1891 Census has been transcribed for a part of this parish. Photographs of Church of England Churches in the Ancient Parish of Rotherham.

What did the times do about the Rotherham scandal?

The Times articles, along with the 2012 trial of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring, prompted the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to conduct hearings. Following this and further articles from Norfolk, Rotherham Council commissioned an independent inquiry led by Professor Alexis Jay.

Who was the Provost of Rotherham in 1482?

This college was founded in 1482 for a provost, three fellows, and six scholars, who were lodged at the college, and accommodation was at the same time provided for the several priests officiating in the different charities in the church.

When did the grooming of children in Rotherham start?

The earliest reports of localised grooming in Rotherham date to the early 1990s, when several managers of local children’s homes set up the “taxi driver group” to investigate reports that taxis driven by Pakistani men were arriving at care homes to take the children away. The police apparently declined to act.

Are there any old black and white photos of Rotherham?

Browse our selection of vintage and nostalgic black and white photographs of Rotherham. Some may have also been hand coloured in the traditional style, bringing an old scene back to life with even more realism.

What did Thomas Rotherham do for the church?

In 1480 Rotherham endowed a Chapel of Jesus within Rotherham parish church, providing a priest to sing masses for the souls of his ancestors. He founded the College of Jesus in Rotherham as a memorial to his first teacher.

What is the history of Rotherham and district?

Rotherham & District – A History in Old Photos and Postcards. Remarkable collection of old images show Rotherham and its area as it once was, from miners and ironworkers to main streets and residential areas The Rotherham area has undergone profound change in the last century or so.

How has Rotherham changed in the last century?

The Rotherham area has undergone profound change in the last century or so. There has been much demolition and rebuilding in the town centre, the town has grown outwards in all directions and the surrounding settlements – rural and industrial – have been transformed in many cases.