Who is Shane Dawson father?

Who is Shane Dawson father?

Kyle Yaw Jr.
Shane Dawson/Fathers

What is the gender of Shane Dawson?

List of LGBT YouTubers

Name Nationality Orientation(s) & identification(s)
Shane Dawson American Bisexual
Shannon Beveridge American Lesbian
Skylar Kergil American Transgender
Stef Sanjati Canadian Transgender

Who was Shane Dawson married to?

Ryland Adams (2016–)
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What kind of cat is cheeto Dawson?

ginger cat
Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams decided to add another addition to the family, a ginger cat named Cheeto.

What is Shane Dawson’s real last name?

Shane Lee Yaw
Shane Dawson/Full name

Shane Lee Yaw (born July 19, 1988), known professionally as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber. He became one of the first people to rise to fame on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Did Shane and Ryan breakup?

No, Shane and Ryland did not break up. They are still together and very happy in their relationship. In fact, Shane even shared a picture with Ryland while hinting at his return to YouTube.

Where did Shane Dawson grow up in real life?

Shane Dawson was born on 19 July 1988. His birth name is Shane Lee Yaw. His birth place is in Long Beach, California in the United States. He holds American nationality. He was born to a father, Kyle Yaw Jr., and a mother Teresa Yaw. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He has 2 older brothers, Jacob Yaw, and Jerid Yaw. He grew up in Long Beach, California.

What are the names of Shane Dawson’s Brothers?

As a teenager, Dawson was bullied for his weight in school. He has two older brothers, Jacob Yaw (born 1980) and Jerid Yaw (born 1985). The siblings had a close relationship, and helped Dawson during these times. He has since lost 150 pounds (68 kg).

What kind of net worth does Shane Dawson have?

Shane Dawson mostly earns as a YouTuber. He is one of the popular YouTuber, having garnered over 22 million subscribers on his channel. He has also starred in commercials for Taco Bell and McDonald’s among others. His net worth is estimated at $12 million. Did You Know? He was overweight as a teenager. He has body dysmorphic disorder.

Who is Shane Dawson engaged to be married to?

Shane Dawson is not married but engaged. He is engaged to YouTuber Ryland Adams. The couple got engaged in March 2016. He previously dated YouTuber Lisa Schwartz. They dated for about 4 years and separated in 2015. After his separation with Schwartz, he came out as bisexual in his video in July 2015.