Who took the photos of the Civil War?

Who took the photos of the Civil War?

The National Archives and Records Administration makes available on-line over 6,000 digitized images from the Civil War. Mathew Brady and his associates, most notably Alexander Gardner, George Barnard, and Timothy O’Sullivan, photographed many battlefields, camps, towns, and people touched by the war.

Who is the most famous photographer of the American Civil War?

Mathew B. Brady
Mathew B. Brady is the most famous photographer of the American Civil War. Although best known for his photographs of the war, Brady had established himself as one of the country’s preeminent photographers long before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter in 1861.

What was the Grayback bug in the Civil War?

Even carefree teens used to the grime of farms or cramped city neighborhoods quickly got sick of waking each morning in the same dank duds of the previous day. And when an occasional itch suddenly became a persistent, fullbody irritation, horrified young soldiers made the acquaintance of the omnipresent “grayback.”

What was the name of the USS Grayback?

On the night of 18 to 19 December Grayback wreaked havoc on a convoy of four freighters and three escorts. She sent freighter Gyokurei Maru and escort Numakaze to the bottom and damaged several others in surface attack.

Where can I find photos of the Civil War?

Browse 20,782 american civil war stock photos and images available, or search for american civil war battle or american civil war reenactment to find more great stock photos and pictures. President Abraham Lincoln visiting soldiers encamped at the Civil War battlefield of Antietam in Maryland.

When did the Grayback arrive at Pearl Harbor?

Following America’s entry into the war Grayback sailed for the Pacific on 12 January 1942 and arrived at Pearl Harbor on 8 February. Her first war patrol (15 February-10 April) took her along the coast of Saipan and Guam.