Who was the Chief Engraver of the Colt Model 1911?

Who was the Chief Engraver of the Colt Model 1911?

Cuno Helfricht would soon rise to the position of Colt’s chief engraver, a post he held from 1871 to 1921. And that means he engraved the earliest examples of the Colt Model 1911. This Government Model 1911A1 pistol is blued with Colt Grade “C” factory engraving and fitted with gold-inlaid ivory stocks.

What was the caliber of the 41 Long Colt?

Here’s why that’s kind of a shame. The .41 Long Colt was an attempt to bridge the gap between the .38 caliber rounds of the day (.38 Long Colt and .38 Short Colt) which were pretty weak and the .44 caliber and .45 caliber rounds, which usually required a bigger gun.

When was the first engraved Colt revolver made?

Many of Colt’s earliest Paterson pistols were lavishly hand-engraved presentations, as Colt firmly believed that an engraved firearm was one of the finest gifts a man could receiver from his peers. Indeed, history had proven that to be true long before Colt received his first revolver patent in 1835.

What kind of Revolver was the colt officer’s model?

Colt Officer’s Model Target Revolver in… This second model Officer’s Model Target .38 Special revolver is in like new condition and is circa 1920. It is in its original box marked TARGET/ 6 [barrel length] Colt’s Officer’s Model Revolver .38/Wood Blue.

Who is the owner of the Colt Root?

PRICE – SOLD !!! The sister gun to the previous lot, this factory engraved Colt Root was the original property of Samuel Pomeroy Colt, nephew of Sam L. Colt, Firearms inventor and Colt Firearms Founder. CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS AND ORDERING INFORMATION

Why was gun engraving important to Samuel Colt?

In the 19th century, gun engraving was of paramount importance to Samuel Colt, not only as an art form, but also for its value in promoting his first arms-making venture, the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey.

Who is the engraver for the Colt Series 70 Gold Cup?

Engraved by Jan Gwinnell in 1982, this outstanding example of a Series 70 Gold Cup National Match pistol features beautifully executed broad leaf scroll engraving with a punch-dot background covering 95 percent of the gun. The handsomely factory cased set includes a matching .22 conversion kit.