Can you buy direct from Colt?

Can you buy direct from Colt?

Colt’s Manufacturing Company does not sell firearms directly to consumers. To purchase a new gun from the Colt Custom Gun Shop, please contact Customer Service.

Can you order a gun from Colt?

Colt Firearms can be purchased through a Colt authorized Stocking Dealer. To find a Stocking Dealer near you, click on the Dealer Locator link at the top of the website. If a Colt Dealer near you is setup as a Buy and Pickup location, firearms can be purchased directly on our website for pickup.

Is Colt still manufacturing?

Colt ends 175 years as an American gunmaker with purchase by Czech firearms company. Colt Holding Co. has been purchased by a Czech firearms company, ending a 175-year run as an American company and helping to establish a “small arms powerhouse,” the two companies announced Friday.

Can I order a Colt 1911?

Custom Shop Order Forms The Colt Custom Shop is currently accepting custom 1911 and SAA orders. Please contact Customer Service at 800-962-2658 for a RMA number and include the appropriate form (1911 or SAA) with your shipment. Colt will perform work on 1911 pistols that were manufactured by Colt only.

Why is the Colt 1911 so popular?

To A Point. Another reason why the 1911 has stayed popular is that it’s actually a very viable carry gun, whether as a packing gun for the out of doors or as a concealed carry . It’s easier for conventional concealed carry, because the slide is actually pretty slim; it’s about 0.9 inches for most models.

Where can I buy a Colt gun for sale?

Browse for hundreds of Colt handguns for sale. We offer a large selection of vintage, classically-styled, and modern pistols and revolvers made by a manufacturer trusted by law enforcement, military, and civilians alike for two centuries.

What kind of craftsmanship does Colt gun use?

Colt’s manufacturing process relies on the precision of both modern technology and professional craftsmanship, producing the quality that Colt customers have come to expect and rely on. Whether it’s a classic Single Action Army Revolver or a modern 1911, you can expect nothing short of excellence from Colt firearms.

Where can I buy a letter of authenticity for a colt?

If your firearm does not appear in the listing, please understand that this is not a comprehensive database. If you wish to purchase a Letter of Authenticity with more definitive information for your firearm, please contact Colt Archive Properties, LLC.

What do you need to know about Colt collectors?

The Association is dedicated to the preservation of Colt firearms and other items produced by the Company, along with the study of the history relating to their development and usage. Throughout the year, the membership keeps in touch through The Rampant Colt, the official magazine of the CCA.