Facebook wants to help digital creators sidestep Apple’s 30% commission on digital goods | AppleInsider

Facebook wants to help digital creators sidestep Apple’s 30% commission on digital goods | AppleInsider

Facebook hopes to promote “offline transactions,” between creators and companies, allowing creators to sidestep Apple’s 30% in-app purchase fee.

Facebook, and its subsidiary, Instagram, now have plans to sidestep the fee, too, but without incurring the wrath of Apple’s legal team.

“When there are digital transactions that happen on iOS, Apple insists that they take 30% of that.” Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO told CNBC. “There’s a very few number of exceptions. For transactions that happen in iOS, we’re going to have to abide by their rules… but in general we’re going to look for other ways to help creators make a living and facilitating transactions that happen in other places.”

To avoid the 30% cut on digital goods, Instagram may push creators to connect with customers outside of the app, which would enable them to skirt Apple’s commission fee and still do business. Facebook would likely create a framework for creators to use that could be mutually beneficial to both creators and Facebook itself, who would be able to charge its own commission fee.

CNBC notes that Facebook has yet to disclose what cut it would take from creators. However, the report does note that the cut would be less than 30%.

Facebook’s framework would exist solely for those who create digital content, ranging from artwork to services. Sale pf physical goods do not incur a 30% fee on Apple’s platforms.

Facebook is known as one of several companies leading the charge against Apple. In May, it was discovered that the social media giant would consider adding new screens for both its main app and Instagram, to educate users that enabling tracking under Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy will “help keep” the apps free to use.

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