How do you install a pressure damper?

How do you install a pressure damper?

DAMPER COUNTERBALANCE ROD AND WEIGHT Install a take off in the side of the duct to direct “dumped air” to some specific area. The damper is installed through a 3 3/8″ slot cut into the ductwork. Mount the damper flush on the side of the duct to discharge air into the equipment room. 1/4″ hole in the end bearing.

How does a pressure relief damper work?

Pressure-relief dampers open and close automatically. The blades are kept closed by magnets. If the differential pressure exceeds the set maximum value, the magnetic force is overcome, and the blades open. The airflow by which the excess pressure has been caused can now flow through the damper.

What is a gravity relief damper?

Backdraft dampers (also known as gravity dampers) are used in ventilation systems to allow airflow in one direction and prevent airflow in the opposite direction. A relief damper is developed with an elevated and adjustable start-open pressure while providing the backdraft function.

How do you select a pressure relief damper?

When selecting the correct damper for your application, you need to know: • System velocity and back pressure requirements. Mounting orientation and airflow direction. Mounting Type (Wall mounted/Duct mounted/Flush mounted) • Damper operation (gravity or motorized) • Start-open pressure.

What is a pressure relief damper?

Pressure relief dampers are backdraft air dampers with an adjustable start-open pressure. This damper is generally used as a safety or controlling device. For example, mounting this damper on a duct section would relieve unexpected overpressure or relieve negative pressure downstream of a rapidly closing fire damper.

What does a backdraft damper do?

A backdraft damper is one of the minute pieces needed to help the overall function and purpose of the ventilation system do its job correctly. A backdraft damper is able to allow contaminated air to flow out of the home but prevents contaminated air from sweeping back in to the home.

How does a backdraft damper work?

Backdraft dampers allow air to efficiently flow through exhaust ducts to the outside, yet prevent the unwanted flow of air into a house when the exhaust fans are off. They stop cold air from coming in, allowing a more comfortable temperature in your home.

What is a counterbalanced backdraft damper?

Standard and high performance counterbalanced backdraft dampers designed to automatically prevent the backflow of air while allowing for automatic air intake or exhaust/pressure relief.