How much is a 38 long colt worth?

How much is a 38 long colt worth?

A COLT COLT 38 SPECIAL pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,577.06 new and $852.77 used . The 12 month average price is $1,427.27 new and $973.60 used.

How much is a Colt Thunderer?

. 45 Colt NEW! Cimarron Thunderer 45LC with Authentic Western Holster – NO CC FEES!…NEW THUNDERER PRICE.

PRICE: $559.99 MANUFACTURER: Cimarron

When was the Colt Lightning made?

The small-frame Lightning (also referred to as “Second Model Colt Lightning”) was the first rimfire rifle made by Colt and was manufactured between 1887 and 1904 as a plinking and gallery gun.

What is the difference between .38 Long Colt and .38 Special?

38 Short Colt, also known as . 38 SC and . 38 LC differ in case length, bullet diameter, weight, and design and are not interchangeable; however, modern production . 38 SC ammunition is now loaded with a smaller, internally-lubricated bullet which can be fired from firearms chambered in .

Where is the serial number on a Colt 38 Detective Special?

The serial number on your Colt would be on the frame, just inside the crane latch.

What caliber is a colt da 38?

Colt M1892
Cartridge .38 Long Colt, .41 Long Colt
Action Double action revolver
Muzzle velocity 750 ft/s (230 m/s)
Feed system 6-round cylinder, single-shot

Why is the 38 Special called special?

38 Special is called that because it follows a lineage of revolver cartridges going back to the . 38 Short Colt, which was originally designed as a retrofit to cap and ball revolvers.

Is .38 S&W the same as .38 short?

The 38 S&W or 38 S&W CTG and 38 S&W Short are the same thing. Some use the ‘short’ term to differentiate it from the 38 S&W Special and the 38 Long Colt.

What kind of gun was the Colt 1877 Lightning?

Colt 1877 Lightning Sheriff’s Model .38 caliber revolver. Made in 1877. Early gun, being produced in the first year of run. Has a 3½” barrel. This gun has the etched panel caliber marking. Nickel is excellent.

When was the Colt Lightning 38 caliber made?

38 caliber revolver. Manufactured in 1900. This is a very fine Lightning with 95% case colors and 93-95% bright original blue. Grips are perfect. Trigger and back of hammer have lustrous fire blue. There are some tiny dings behind front sight and some very light at the end of the cylinder from shooting.

How big is the barrel of a Colt 1877?

Colt 1877 revolver with English Pall Mall Colt address on barrel. Barrel length is 4.5”. Barrel is acid etched “Colt D.A. .38”. Bore is perfect and action works perfectly. Grips are checkered rosewood and are excellent. Gun has approximately 90% plus original blue. Gun has 98% case colors.

How big is the barrel on a Colt Lightning?

Barrel length is 2.5”, usually referred to as Sheriffs model or Storekeepers model with the short barrel. Barrel is acid etched Colt DA .41. Factory original barrel and gun has approximately 90% original nickel plating. Action works perfectly. Note: Grips look and fit well but are later replacements.