Immortal Cydia – How To Download And Install Immortal Cydia Tweak for iOS 11( Appsync Alternative 2018)

Immortal Cydia

Immortal – How To Download And Install Immortal for iOS 11( Appsync Alternative 2018)

Jailbreak is the word every apply fanboy like us would definitely want to hear, so to continue its legacy we always try to post and keep you updated with new tweaks for your iPhone to master and break the limitations of it.

Today, however, we came across a different source and have a great alternative to replace your old APPSYNC for iPhone. This Jailbreak is created by Karen and Saurik. So a big shout out to them for making this possible and continuing the iPhone Jailbreak legacy.

You might be knowing that AppSync isn’t released for iPhone yet, and Ext3nder is not working for Apple iOS 11 repository. And hence, sideloading might break your device. But this is where this Jailbreak come in to help you.

Immortal Cydia change is an AppSync elective for iOS 10. Despite the fact that it doesn’t authoritatively bolster any adaptation different to iOS 10, it works fine on iOS 11 firmware.

NOTE: This tweak caused a little worry for some as in old days, it used the poor technique to utilize it to block app revokes. Also, It tends to delete provisioning profile pertaining any app. This might ensure your sideloaded apps would make work indefinitely in jailbreak mode.

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This might be the question for many, And here we provide.

  • If you reboot your device on a regular basis, then don’t install this. because after that all Sideload apps will stop working after the prior jailbreak.
  • The worst that could happen is you will need to sideload your apps again with Cydia Impactor
  • This tweak is just a temporary alternative, not a full-fledged replacement for AppSync or Extender.

However, as you see these are just little compromises which might not affect many. So continuing this. Here we go to the next step.


  • Debian package (official link)

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  • First of all, you should unzip your Debian package which you just downloaded above.
  • Head over and navigate to the Library > Mobile Substrate > DynamicLibraries
  • Transfer dylib and plist files to bootstrap/Library/SBInject folder.
  • Respring your device.
  • Ensure you get the “Immortal is Active” popup on your home screen. This message indicates that it is installed on your Apple device perfectly.

To get an in-depth idea of how to Install Tweak first, then head over and click here.