Is federal black cloud any good?

Is federal black cloud any good?

Ammo Review: Federal Premium Black Cloud High Velocity (12 gauge) Shotgun Shells. Most waterfowlers have a go-to duck hunting load. It’s good enough to give me confidence in the field through plenty of consistently accurate and deadly bird hunting trips.

Is Black Cloud steel shot?

The shot load is made up of 40% FLITESTOPPER® steel pellets and 60% Premium® steel pellets for dense patterns and large wound channels. Catalyst™ lead-free primers and clean-burning, temperature-stable propellants significantly decrease residue in barrels.

Can you shoot black cloud out of a Patternmaster?

Q: Can I shoot Black Cloud through your Classic or Code Black tubes? A: Yes! As long as the Black Cloud ammunition contains Federal’s Flight Control FLEX wad then you are good to go!

What is Black Cloud ammo?

Black Cloud takes uses a wad to keep a uniform pattern of both round and “traumatic” pellets on target well down-range. That’s the goal for every hunter patterning a shotgun. It’s 100 percent Flight Stopper pellets, and the wad is designed to allow those babies to get crazy at about 15 yards downrange.

How many pellets are in Black Cloud ammo?

Consider this: A standard 3-inch 1.25-ounce BB shell has 90 pellets, but the Black Cloud TSS in BBx7 (think of it as the goose offering) has 140 pellets including 56 size BB Flightstopper steel pellets and 84 No. 7 TSS pellets.

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What constriction is Patternmaster code Black Duck?

The code black goose is the same as the extended range patternmaster, this choke shoots approximately the constriction of improved modified with 3 1/2 inch shells. The code black duck is the same as the long range patternmaster and will shoot approximately the constriction of improved modified with 3 inch shells.

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What kind of Wad does federal black cloud use?

Well, I can tell you Federal found a way! Black Cloud FS Steel is now equipped with the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad to deliver improved pattern density and consistency through both ported and standard waterfowl chokes. That coupled with the 1,450 fps muzzle speeds make it the perfect combination for those fast moving, open water birds.

What kind of gun to use on black cloud?

Roberts said, “Black Cloud Close Range is awesome for hunting timber, and I would recommend Mojo’s short range with No. 3s or 4s for shots up to 35 yards. For open water, I’d use a Mojo long range with BBs or 2s.

Do you use Federal Premium black cloud shotshells?

I can tell you that I have been using Federal Premium’s Black Cloud shotshells almost since they came out and I can also tell you that I will continue to use them because they fold birds like I have never seen before in all my years of hunting the bay.

What kind of shot column does black cloud use?

But, Federal skipped this step, proclaiming it to be a ninja-like slicing blade that caused more damage to game, and called it the Flightstopper. With the exception of Close Range, Black Cloud’s shot column is made up of 40 percent Flightstopper and 60 percent conventional steel pellets.