Is the performance center shield worth it?

Is the performance center shield worth it?

If you tend to add a few mods to your handgun as a matter of course, then it’s well worth the premium as the Performance Center Shield models will have that done at the factory. However, if you’re just looking for a plain Jane CCW gun and don’t care about the frippery, the base model might be more your style.

What is Performance Center ported?

The Performance Center Ported M&P9 offers discerning shooters premium features including a factory ported barrel and slide. Availability subject to applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.

Can you put a red dot on a M&P Shield?

Slide Cut for Optics: For the first time ever, the Performance Center M&P Shield M2. 0 is available with a slide cut for optics and a red dot sight right in the box. The 4 MOA Red Dot sight allows for quick target acquisition on the slim, single-stack M&P Shield frame – that’s very easy to conceal.

How reliable is the M&P Shield?

Mostly I have been pretty tepid on the compact and full-sized M&P handguns but the Shield is an outstanding pistol. I’ve carried it, and I’d carry it again. It is extremely compact, extremely reliable, and extremely accurate. While 7+1 or 8+1 rounds is not quite up to “modern” standards, it’s also nothing to sneeze at.

What is a ported barrel?

A ported barrel is a type of muzzle brake that is integral to the firearm, often a handgun. The rationale behind it is that it facilitates rapid fire by reducing muzzle flip.

Can you put a red dot on a M&P Shield EZ 9mm?

OuterImpact is excited to introduce the Smith and Wesson M&P Red Dot Adapter M.R.A. for 380/9mm EZ pistols. This product will allow the shooter to utilize a variety of red dot sights on their Smith and Wesson M&P EZ with one adapter. We precision-machined the adapter plate from 7075 aircraft aluminum.

Which is better Vortex Viper or venom?

venom is 3 moa, so the red dot is smaller than the 6 moa viper. viper is better for pistol, red dot easier to see, especially in daylight, so target acquisition should be faster. (if you need take your time surgical shots on a piece of paper, the 3moa venom is better, covers less of the target).

Is MP shield a good gun?

The Smith Wesson M&P Shield has decent overall ergonomics. It doesn’t feel the best in the hand compared to more modern options mainly due to the fact it feels like a full-size duty-grade gun that was just thinned down. Some people will like it and if you have larger hands, I think you’ll like it a lot.

Is there a 9mm barrel version of the shield?

Recently, a ported barrel version of the Shield was introduced by the SW Performance Center (PC) and I was glad they sent me a ported 9mm Shield to review. I wanted to know the added features of the Ported Shield compared to the original Shield, its 16 versions, and then share my opinions, evaluation, and review of the ported version with you.

Which is Performance Center ported M & P Pistol?

The M&P Shield is an easy to conceal pistol that offers professional grade features with simple operation and reliable performance day or night. The Performance Center Ported M&P9 Shield offers discerning shooters premium features including a factory ported barrel and slide. One million Shield owners can’t be wrong.

What does Performance Center on M & P shield do?

The Performance Center Shield starts with the same frame, but the barrel and slide are ported to attenuate muzzle rise. Smith and Wesson’s Performance also tunes up the trigger, which some shooters may appreciate.

Is the front of the 9mm barrel ported?

The front of the slide and barrel are ported with V-angled ports and that seemed to help dampen some of the recoil and muzzle flip. I honestly can say for myself that it performed a little better than some of my other similar short-barreled, polymer, lightweight 9mm guns, although most 9mms do not generally have that much recoil anyway.