What is the difference between a 30 30 and a 35 caliber?

What is the difference between a 30 30 and a 35 caliber?

35 Remington uses the 180- and 200-grain . 30-30 will drive its 150- and 170-grain bullets to a muzzle velocity of 2400 and 2250 fps respectively, while the . 35 Remington launches its 180- and 200-grain bullets at 2100 and 2080 fps. Both generate between 1,800 and 1,900 ft.

What caliber is a 35 Marlin?

The Marlin Model 336 is a lever-action rifle and carbine made by Marlin Firearms. Since its introduction in 1948, it has been offered in a number of different calibers and barrel lengths, but is commonly chambered in . 30-30 Winchester or . 35 Remington, using a 20- or 24-inch barrel.

What kind of magazine does a Marlin Model 336 have?

While most current variants of the Model 336 feature a full pistol-grip walnut stock, 20 inch barrel and full length tube magazine, other versions of the 336 have been frequently offered by Marlin over the years, including barrel lengths of 16.25-inch, 18-inch, 22-inch and 24-inch barrels, half-length magazines,…

When did Marlin change the barrel length of the 444?

A new 265-grain bullet greatly improved the utility of the Model 444 as a hunting rifle, and other bullet weights have since been introduced. In 1971, Model 444’s barrel length was reduced to 22 inches, and the rifle’s buttstock was changed to a full pistol-grip design.

What kind of scope does a Marlin rifle use?

With its solid, flat top receiver and side ejection of fired cartridges, the Marlin 336 is prime candidate for use with a rifle scope. In 1956, Marlin also incorporated its proprietary Micro-Groove rifling system into the Model 336 and other centerfire Marlin rifles.

Is the Marlin Model 336 a trapper or a marauder?

Marlin has made short carbine versions of the Model 336 over the years, including the Model 336 Marauder, Trapper and the Model 336Y (Y standing for “Youth Model”). Usually featuring a short 16- or 18-inch barrel, these carbines are considerably shorter and lighter than the standard 20″ carbine.