What kind of stock does a Browning Sweet Sixteen use?

What kind of stock does a Browning Sweet Sixteen use?

In the not-so-distant past if your buddy uttered the phrase, “Sweet Sixteen,” your eyebrows didn’t go up because you knew he was talking about the superb handling Browning Auto-5 in 16 gauge. This new example includes another feature common to classic Browning shotguns, the “Lightning Style” stock.

When was the Belgian Browning Sweet Sixteen built?

Belgian Browning Sweet 16 built in 1954. This gun has a 28″ vent rib barrel choked full. The gun is in excellent all original condition. It retains 99% of the original blue and wood finish. The g …Click for more info

Is the Browning A5 Sweet 16 a 20 gauge gun?

Auto-5s were made in 12, 16 and 20 gauge, but the version that got the press was the Sweet 16, a gauge that was blithely claimed to carry like a 20 and hit like a 12. The Auto-5 kept going until the last run of commemorative guns was sold in 2000. The original Auto-5 was very popular, and everyone recognized its unique humpback profile.

What is the Kinematic Drive on a Browning Sweet Sixteen?

This new Sweet Sixteen is the subject of this review. The A5 has an inertia action that Browning calls “Kinematic Drive.” It is actually close to the current Benelli system, invented by Bruno Civolani in 1940 and improved since then.

Is the Browning A5 Sweet 16 a semi automatic?

This new Browning A5 Sweet 16 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in the 16 gauge shell. This gun features a 28″ barrel and a blued finish. Comes with box, hardcase, lock, manual… (read more)

What kind of gauge is a Browning 16 gauge?

The Gentleman’s Gauge is considered by many sportsmen to be the ideal gauge for the pe… (read more) Browning A5 16 Gauge 1939 pre-war very nice! This is a 1939 made Browning A5 16 Gauge. It is a 2 3/4in gun with 28in Mod rare for its age solid rib barrel.