What rifle has a gold trigger?

What rifle has a gold trigger?

Marlin Model Golden 39A

Marlin Model 39A
This is a 39A from 1944 and thus does not have the cross-hammer safety or golden trigger seen on the current 39A.
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Service history

What does the W mean in Marlin 336?

The current “A” model Marlin is considered a rifle since it has one endcap and one barrel band. The “C”, and “W” are considered carbines because they have 2 barrel bands. The “W” is just a budget version of the “C”.

Where is the serial number on a Marlin 336?

– Serial number DOES NOT begin with 92, 91, 90, or MR. – Serial number stamped on tang – The Marlin 336 beginning in 1948 and continuing through 2007 have a serial number stamped on the tang where the receiver attaches to the stock. The older models have the serial number stamped on the tang under the lever.

What does drop in Universal Marlin trigger do?

Drop in universal Marlin trigger reduces trigger pull weight, removes flop; broader, flatter trigger face and angle for a more natural and comfortable trigger pull. Please note that a two piece trigger will still have some forward travel in order to clear the lever.

What does JM mean on a Marlin 30?

It means that it is a Marlin made barrel, as opposed to no marking or “REM” indicating a Remington made barrel. Newer barrels are made by Remington so the JM also means that it’s an older gun. You can find more information on a specific gun on the Marlin Forum.

What does the BL stand for on a Marlin rifle?

Scroll down to learn all about the Marlin 336 and why it’s such a popular hunting rifle. Marlin currently produces the Model 336 in the following models: 336BL: The BL stands for “big loop,” and this model features a larger-than-normal loop in the lever that makes it easier for a shooter wearing gloves to operate this rifle.