When was the last IJ sealed 8 made?

When was the last IJ sealed 8 made?

IJ Target Sealed 8’s were made from 1931 to 1957. Keep checking back….our resident expert on IJ’s, Bill Goforth will be along shortly and can probably give you the year of manufacture.

How tall is the i j target sealed 8?

Caliber, 22 rimfire with 8 rounds cylinder capacity; Barrel lengths: 4 ½ and 6 inches; Weight; 4 ½ inch barrel 22 ½ ounces, 6 inch barrel 24 ounces; Height without grips 3 7/8 inches: Frame length 4 7/8 inches; Overall length: 4 ½ inch barrel 9 ¼ inches, 6 inch barrel 10 ¾ inches. Model number continued to be 68.

When did the target sealed 8 come out?

target sealed 8 serial number N 17121 was manufactured about 1950/51. check some of the auction sites as this model shows up quite often. The TARGET SEALED 8 was also reintroduced after WW II with only minor modifications. The barrel shape is round and a new 4¼ inch length added.

When was the last Iver Johnson target sealed 8 made?

as xracer said the iver johnson ‘target sealed 8’ was manufactured between 1932 and 1954. it was replaced in march of 1955 with the model 55. same basic mechanism only updated a little and with a more angular frame.

Is the serial number on my m95385 still working?

M95385 is a second model made in 1950, so only 61 years old. my dad gave me 1 that has the serial number N24116. the front sight has been broken off however the gun still works other than the cylinder has a little play in it and I wanted to know if it was possible to get it fixed somewhere Can anyone help me out?

When was the Iver Johnson target sealed made?

Firearms Expert: Philip Van Cleave, Firearms Instructor replied 8 years ago You have the Iver Johnson Target Sealed 8 Second Model double-action revolver with a blue finish and chambered in .22 rimfire. It holds 8 shot, has either a 4-1/2 or an 6 inch round barrel, and checkered wood or plastic grips. They were made from 1947-1954.

Where is the serial number on an Iver Johnson 30?

I have an Iver Johnson 30 revolver serial number on the bottom of the frame – 13442. I am trying to find the manufacture date.  read more TOM Gunsmith Law Enforcement Armorer