Apple asking Chinese iPad mini users if the screen is too small | AppleInsider

Apple asking Chinese iPad mini users if the screen is too small | AppleInsider

Apple is reportedly asking iPad users for feedback on the iPad mini 4, including whether the display is big enough for them, among other questions about their tablet usage habits.

Apple is believed to be preparing the iPad mini 6 for launch this fall, complete with a major overhaul to its design and a larger display. A survey hints that Apple’s not quite done yet, and is looking for more input into future developments for the compact tablet.

The survey from Apple, spotted by IT Home questions Chinese users of the iPad mini 4 about the device. While the current iPad mini 5 has the same general design and display as the iPad mini 4, the survey deals with the previous-generation model.

One question asks if the iPad mini 4’s display is the right size for the user, with responses ranging from a little or too small to a little or too big.

The survey covers mentions usage habits, with users asked about what apps they use in portrait or landscape orientation on their iPad. Details about the accessories used by iPad mini owners are also requested, including if they use keyboards, earphones, speakers, covers, and other items.

Naturally, Apple also asks about other devices the person may own, including if they have Windows hardware, Samsung devices, Amazon Fire tablets, and game consoles.

While it is expected of a major manufacturer like Apple to conduct product research and invite consumer feedback, it’s rare for such a survey to surface in public.

Given the lead times for design and production, it is unlikely that any of the results in the survey will impact Apple’s 2021 or early 2022 product launches.