Can you repair a Sheridan Blue Streak airgun?

Can you repair a Sheridan Blue Streak airgun?

I couldn’t resist buying a “spares or repair” Blue Streak. Mostly because I have a Sheridan repair kit that was in my toolbox and wanted to be used. It was fun to service. It’s straightforward enough, with help from excellent Youtube videos from Northwest Airguns (guided me through my BSA Superten repair too) and a good repair manual by UJ Backus.

What kind of scope does a Sheridan Blue Streak use?

The Sheridan Blue Streak has traditional styling that has changed little over its 50 years. The Air Venturi intermount and Picatinny scope base make it easy to scope the gun without impeding the pumping action. The Sheridan Blue Streak Combo consists of the air rifle, Air Venturi Intermount, a Leapers 4x32AO scope and a Plano rifle case.

How long does a Sheridan air rifle last?

When properly repaired a Sheridan air rifle will last for many years. The owner’s Hand Book for the particular model is a valuable source of information on operating, care, and maintenance. Originals and copies are occasionally listed on the various auction sites found on the Internet. Silver Streak and Blue Streak pneumatic rifle

Where can I buy a Benjamin Sheridan repair kit?

They sell well on Amazon and eBay, but make sure you read carefully and buy the correct kit. Repair kit fits these multi-pump guns made before 1995 (they have a soldered valve): Benjamin 397, 392, 340, 342 & 347 guns as well as Sheridan C9 (Silver Streak) & CB9 (Blue Streak). To determine if this kit is for you:

Is there a steroid upgrade for the Sheridan Blue Streak?

One of the Steroid upgrades is an improved bolt design (not positive if they have one for the Sheridan but they do for their MKI mods) On a design level, the air volume between the rear of the pellet and the exhaust valve is a significant factor.

Why do Sheridan airguns have a ring in the barrel?

First: the standard Sheridan exhaust valve body (as pictured) is designed to make assembly easy; which is why there is a groove (ring) for the air to escape to the barrel instead of a port. This design is great for repair, since it’s impossible to improperly align the body; however, this increases the air volume which reduces the power output.