Epic offered to make a game for PS5 VR in return for cross-play support

Epic offered to make a game for PS5 VR in return for cross-play support

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Epic really really wanted cross-play support for Fortnite on PlayStation, so much so that the company even offered to make a virtual reality game ready for PS5 VR. After The Verge went through emails and documents unsealed in Epic and Apple’s court case, it came to light yesterday that Sony was making Epic pay for cross-play. In one of those same emails, UploadVR noticed an interesting offer that some people have glossed over: Epic was going to make a PSVR game in return for cross-play being enabled in Fortnite.

In his list of proposals, Epic’s Joe Kreiner said, “…maybe we commit to a game at the launch of your next VR platform?” Though the PS5 wasn’t named — this was in 2018, after all — Sony’s next VR headset will be whatever it’s got cooking up for the PS5.

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The email doesn’t shed light on any other details about a potential game, so it’s unclear what it would have looked like. Epic hasn’t developed too much for the VR space, mostly focusing on tech demos before releasing Robo Recall on the Oculus Rift a few years ago.

Sony hasn’t announced a release date for its upcoming VR headset, but we know that it is in development. Its controllers are set to feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, much like the DualSense. In a departure from the PlayStation Move controller, Sony’s next VR headset will use controllers shaped like a halo ring, more similar to those of the Oculus.

Because the next PSVR headset likely isn’t releasing this year, you still have plenty of time to buy a PS5, which has proven to be an elusive console. Every time a store has stock, it seems to sell out almost immediately afterward.