How do you increase influence with Bao-Dur?

How do you increase influence with Bao-Dur?

SPOILER BELOW SPOILER BELOW SPOILER BELOW, etc. ), you’ll gain influence with Bao-Dur! When you talk to him new dialogue options will finally come up & you can convince him to let you teach him the ways of the Force!

Is Bao-Dur a Jedi?

Bao-Dur (pronounced /beo dur/) was a Zabrak Jedi and engineer from Iridonia. He served under the Revanchist Jedi general Meetra Surik during the Mandalorian Wars, and again toward the end of the Dark Wars.

How do you gain influence with handmaiden?

Acts of kindness and mercy will increase your Influence with Handmaiden. You can gain a great deal of Influence with her simply through your conversations with her about the Eban Hawk.

Can mandalore become a Jedi?

Can a Mandalorian be a Jedi? The short answer, actually, is yes. The character Tarre Vizsla is an example of a Force-sensitive Mandalorian. According to legend, he was the first Mandalorian to ever be inducted into the Jedi Order, and is believed to have created the Darksaber.

Can the handmaiden become a Jedi?

The Handmaiden will become either a Jedi or a Dark Jedi, depending on what type of character you are playing. Speak with her about the robe and she will reveal it belonged to her mother, a Jedi.

What happened to Atton Rand?

Rand duels with Darth Sion, and if he loses, he is severely tortured and mutilated before being left for dead. If this happens, he would not be included in the companion confrontation with Kreia. After being left for dead, Surik would find him and stay until his final moments.

Are Mandalorians against Jedi?

The Mandalorian crusaders fought against the Jedi during their crusades. According to legend, Mandalore the Great fought a series of battles against the Jedi. The last great struggle between the Jedi and the Mandalorian warlords resulted in a large battle on Mandalore.

Did Jango rule Mandalore?

Montross was allowed to leave, cursing Fett as he slipped off into exile, while Jango Fett became the new Mand’alor, leader of the Mandalorians.

Where did Bao Dur go in Star Wars?

Bao-Dur traveled with Surik throughout the galaxy, helping her at Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine, and Onderon. During the travels, she found that he was Force-sensitive, so he agreed to let Surik train him in the ways of the Force as a Jedi Guardian . Bao-Dur sends his remote on one final mission.

What do you need to know about Bao Dur?

As mentioned earlier, in order for Bao-Dur to gain influence he needs to be in your party for practically the entire time. Also, a lot of the times for Bao-Dur to gain influence, only you and him must be in your party. For Bao-Dur and all the others you can train to be Jedi, taking the Light side is recommended.

Can you make Bao Dur a Jedi Guardian?

You do not have to go through that series of one option conversation. It just simply states he is now a Jedi Guardian. Bao-Dur cannot equip any robes or Jal Shey Armor. If you want him to use powers that are restricted by armor, you must equip him with regular clothing or nothing at all.

What did Bao Dur do after the Civil War?

During the Jedi Civil War Bao-Dur’s homeworld colony in the Mid Rim was bombed out of commission by Darth Malak. After the war’s end, Bao-Dur decided to use his mechanical genius to help people rather than design weapons.