How much does a Remington 7400 cost?

How much does a Remington 7400 cost?

What is a REMINGTON 7400 rifle Worth? A REMINGTON 7400 rifle is currently worth an average price of $699.35 used . The 12 month average price is $724.50 used. The used value of a REMINGTON 7400 rifle has risen $106.44 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $699.35 .

How much is a Remington semi auto 30 ought 6?


PRICE: $605.00 MANUFACTURER: Remington
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What is the value of a Remington Model 742 3006?

A REMINGTON 742 rifle is currently worth an average price of $542.53 used .

How much does a Remington Model 740 cost?

Both the Models Four and 7400 retained the original Model 742 specifications of. an overall length of 42 inches, a barrel of 22 inches, and weight of 7 ½ pounds. The. Model 7400 cost $399.95 and the Model Four $449.95.

When did the Remington 7400 gas semiauto come out?

Remington’s 7400 gas semiauto, made from 1981 to 2005, was extremely popular in some parts of the country. Chambered in all the usual short and standard cartridges, plus .35 Whelan, it replaced the 742, which was sold from 1960 to 1980, and had replaced the 740 that had been around since 1952.

How big is the barrel on a Remington 30-06?

Ser # B7231521 . Made in semi- auto with 18 1/2 inch barrel, 4 shot box magazine, sling swivels. This rifle has had ve …Click for more info Very good plus overall condition. The Remington Model 7400 semi-automatic .30-06 is a legendary rifle produced between 1952-1981.

What’s the name of the Remington semi auto rifle?

With the advent of more modern calibers such as .308 Win and .30-06, Remington moved to retire the turn-of-the-century Model 8/81 for a new kid on the block. That rifle, with styling based on the company’s then-new Model 1100 semi-auto shotguns and a detachable 4-round magazine, was the Remington Model 740.