How much is a FEG PA 63 worth?

How much is a FEG PA 63 worth?

A FEG PA 63 pistol is currently worth an average price of $343.36 used . The 12 month average price is $343.36 used. The used value of a FEG PA 63 pistol has risen $36.77 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $343.36 .

How much is a FEG 9mm?


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LOCATION: Tulsa, OK 74129 SKU:
CALIBER: 9mm Luger MANF. PART #:

Are Feg guns good?

Little rough around the edges but very accurate and reliable. Great gun for the money. Initially had a problem with the last round stovepipeing but switched to Mecgar mags and that seems to have solved the problem. The trigger was gritty but after removing the mag safety it is really nice.

What is a FEG 380 Worth?

A FEG PMK 380 pistol is currently worth an average price of $329.73 used .

Is 9mm Makarov the same as 380?

9mm x 18 Makarov standard load is a 95 grain weight bullet at a muzzlevelocity of 1050 feet per second. . 380 ACP , also known as 9×17 Browning Short, 9mm Short, 9mm Corto as well as by several other names is very similar. Although available in several grain weight bullets, a .

What is the difference between 9mm and 9×18 ammo?

What are the differences between a 9×18 Makarov and a 9mm Luger? – Quora. The technical differences? The Makarov is 9×18, in other words the case is 18mm long, while the 9mm Luger, aka 9mm Parabellum, aka 9mm NATO, aka 9mm x 19, is 19mm long. The Makarov case is fairly steeply tapered, The Luger case very little.

Are FEG Hi power?

In 1970 the Hungarian government arms plant known as FEG began producing a very faithful copy of the Browning High Power pistol. It was completely reverse-engineered. Called the P9 by the factory, it was an unauthorized copy of the Pre-Mark II Browning High Power.

Can you shoot .380 in a 9mm Makarov?

The 9×18 Makarov chambered guns will shoot 380acp without any problem. There are a couple of videos of 9×18 shooting 9mm on youtube as well as some 9×18 shooting 380’s. Some call it the Armageddon caliber because it will shoot 9×18, 380, 9mm.

Can you shoot 9mm in a Makarov?

No you cannot and should not try. 9×19, which is also called 9 mm Luger and 9mm parabellum has a considerably higher chamber pressure than 9×18, usually used in the Eastern Bloc Makarov pistol or the guns made in the similar 9×18 Ultra round.

Can you fire 9×18 in a 9mm?

The 9×18 will not chamber in the 9mm pistol. It will only go about half way into a 9mm chamber. The 9×18 is a straight wall case that ends in a . 364 diameter bullet.

What kind of pistol is the PA 63?

Hungarian PA-63 Pistol, Semi-Auto, Two Tone Aluminum Frame W /Black Slide. 9×18 caliber, 7 Round, Surplus Condition. Very Nice functionally, Some Slides may show bluing wear. Hungarian PA-63 Pistol, two-tone polished aluminum frame with black slide, grips, trigger and hammer assembly.

Where was the FEG PA-63 semi automatic pistol made?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The FÉG PA-63 is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by the FÉGARMY Arms Factory of Hungary.

Is the FEG PA 63 the same as the Makarov PM?

Though both pistols share lineage from the Walther PP/PPK, similar operating principles and use the same ammunition, the Makarov PM is a different design featuring all-steel construction and different lockwork. There are no parts in common between the FÉG PA-63 and the Makarov pistol.

What kind of round does the FEG PA 63 use?

By the late 1950s FÉG began making broader changes resulting in the PA-63, which uses the 9×18mm Makarov round. It quickly became standard issue to both Hungarian military and police forces. The military standard PA-63 version sports a two-tone polished aluminum frame with black slide, grips, trigger and hammer assembly.