How much is a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun worth?

How much is a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun worth?

$600-900 for 26-30″ barrels. Comparable condition and 32″ barrels may bring $900-1200.

Does Ruger make shotguns anymore?

In January 2015, Ruger dropped the Red Label from its product line, citing an inability to achieve revenue expectations. As a consequence, Ruger no longer produces a shotgun in its model line. Accessories and choke tubes for the Ruger Red Label shotgun are still available from Ruger as of 2017.

Is Ruger a good brand of gun?

Ruger firearms are very well made, totally reliable, reasonably priced, and have a reputation for accuracy… oh, and they’re generally good looking firearms. Ruger has a reputation for making well made, accurate, reliable, and inexpensive firearms.

What kind of shotgun is a Sterlingworth 12 gauge?

This Fox Model Sterlingworth is a side by side shotgun in 12 Ga. It has 30 inch barrels with a solid rib. White front and middle beads. With 2 1/2 chambers it has fixed Full and Modi …Click for more info This is a Fox 12 gauge with 30 inch improved modified and full choke barrels. This gun is 97% metal and 96% wood. Serial # is 141xxx.

Where was the Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun made?

The serial #119645 is stamped on all of the parts, even the trigger guard. It was manufactured by A.H. fox co. in phila, pa. Its a 12 gauge standard grade (I think) , looks to be a good shape except for the stock which is scratched; the barrel has “fluid compressed steel” stamped on it.

What kind of gun is a Sterlingworth pin gun?

This is a 1911 Fox Sterlingworth with the dished out hinge pin; referred to as the “pin gun”. It has 30″ #1 weight barrels and 2-5/8″ chambers that are choked full/Imp mod. It is m …Click for more info This is a Fox Sterlingworth 16 gauge ejector gun that has 26″ barrels with 2-3/4″ chambers that are choked Mod/IC.

What was the serial number of a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun?

I have a Sterlingworth less than 200 lower serial numbers and it letters as being shipped July 20, 1928, top gun in this picture — Lower gun is 1936. The A.H. Fox Gun Co. Sterlingworth was offered in four barrel lengths, known in the period literature by names — 26-inch (Brush), 28-inch (Field), 30-inch (Standard) and 32-inch (Trap).