How old is the wards western field 22?

How old is the wards western field 22?

I have my Dads 14th birthday present a Wards Western Field 22 S., L, LR, rifle. It’s in decent shape for being over 60 years old. he told me that he was sure that Mossberg built it.

What kind of parts did western field use?

Westernfield Model 35amossberg Model 3022 S-l-lr. Used 24 Barrel 125- Westernfield 04m-491a 22 Part. Bracket Westernfield 04m-491a 22 Part. Takedown Stud Barrel Band Wards Westernfield 87 Sb870 22 Lr Or Sr Rifle Part.

What are the screws on a western field 22?

Trigger Guard W Screws Westernfield 04m-491a 22 Part. Safety W Screw Screws Swivel Westernfield 04m-491a 22 Part. Cartridge Stop Spring

Where can I buy western field gun parts?

It appears that you are hunting for Western Field today. Did you know that eBay has one of the most comprehensive choice of Western Field out of any sort of online shop and can additionally provide the best rate on Western Field?

What kind of rifle was the western field?

Western Fields Model 45 (or Mossberg 42) The Mossberg 42 .22 bolt-action rifle was made from 1937 to 1950 in a few different variances – for this article it was referred to as the Western Fields Model 45. The ones sold buy Montgomery Ward’s were dressed down from the standard Mossberg’s – most were fitted with a birch stock instead of walnut.

Are there still Montgomery Ward Western field guns?

Montgomery Ward ‘Western Field’: Bargain buys of yore still good today. Like the JC Higgins and Glendfields from the other major catalog companies, the Montgomery Wards’ “Western Fields” brand was stamped on guns made by some of the biggest names in the U.S. firearm industry – Savage, Mossberg and Marlin to *name a few.

What kind of rifle does my grandfather have?

The rifle I have is a Western Field equivilent to a Mossberg Model 46. It came with the Mossberg No4 peep site. The sight is incomplete and the inserts for the front sight are gone. My grandfather shot this rifle at a local indoor club back in the late 1940’s.