Is the 30-30 Winchester lever action rifle still around?

Is the 30-30 Winchester lever action rifle still around?

Millions of deer have been taken with the 30-30 because it’s been around for millions of years. It’s still the cartridge of choice by many old deer hunters. This one is holding a 30-30 Winchester M94 lever-action rifle. Introducing A Ballistic Dog

How much does a 30 Winchester ammo cost?

30-30 Winchester Ammo Description Grains FPS Rounds Price 30-30 Win – Remington Core-Lokt SP Ammo 150gr n/a 20 $39.95 30-30 Win – Hornady Ammo LEVERevolution 160gr n/a 20 $54.99 30-30 Win – Ammo Winchester PP 150gr n/a 20 $55.00

How much FPS does a 30-30 Winchester have?

Despite launching a fairly heavy 150-grain bullet, the 30-30 in a 7.5-pound rifle kicks with only 11 f-p energy at a velocity of about 10 fps. You can compare that to 23 f-p and 14 fps from a 30-06 150-grain load.

Can you hunt in open country with a 30-30 Winchester?

Hunt with a 30-30 Winchester and you can pretty much forget about open country long shots. Even if you could arc one in there, remaining energy will be well under 1,000 f-p after 150 yards. To fully grasp this, you should check out this ballistic table I labored long and hard to put together.

When did the 30-30 Winchester cartridge come out?

30-30 Winchester/.30 Winchester Center Fire cartridge was first marketed in 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. The .30-30 ( thirty-thirty ), as it is most commonly known, and the .25-35 were offered that year as the USA’s first small-bore sporting rifle cartridges designed for smokeless powder .

What are the characteristics of a 30-30 Winchester?

The .30-30 is considered to be the “entry-class” for modern big-game hunting cartridges, and it is common to define the characteristics of cartridges with similar ballistics as being in “.30-30 class” when describing their trajectory. While it is very effective on deer-sized and black bear-sized game,…

How tall is a 30-30 Winchester at 200 yards?

Just a 10 mph zephyr deflects our beloved 150-grain round nose 30-30 slug almost a foot at 200 yards. The 243 bullets is nudged off course just 3 inches at the same range. So why all this veneration for the silly 30-30 Winchester? Push a handful of 30-30 cartridges up your lever-action’s tubular magazine and you’ve got plenty of firepower.

What kind of bullet does a 30-30 Winchester use?

Flat-nosed bullets are standard on the rimmed 30-30 Winchester cartridge because of the tubular magazines common to 30-30 lever-action rifles. Sharply tipped bullets riding against the primer of the round in front of them could set ignite that primer under the recoil energy of a shot.