Is the Browning B-2000 a good hunting gun?

Is the Browning B-2000 a good hunting gun?

You should note that it was very rare to ever see a B-2000 in clay target competition, though Browning did make skeet and trap models. That’s never a good sign. That said, you don’t see Benellis used in top competition and they are an excellent and reliable hunting gun.

When did the Browning gold model shotgun come out?

Browning introduced their Gold model shotgun in 1995, so it has been with us for a few years now. Browning makes numerous variations of the Gold, from dedicated target guns to field models, in 20, 12, and even the 10 gauge.

What kind of shells are in the Browning Gold Hunter?

The target models are chambered for 2 ¾ inch shells, while the field models are chambered in three or three and one-half inch versions. The Gold is offered with both wood and synthetic stocks, in a variety of finishes from bright blue to camouflage.

What are the features of the Browning gold?

A great little feature that is exclusive to the Browning Gold is the speed-load. With the bolt locked rearward, as it does when empty, inserting a shell into the magazine tube sends it immediately to the chamber, making the Gold ready to fire instantly, without pressing any buttons.

What kind of shotgun is the Browning Cynergy?

Two Browning Golds, a Browning Cynergy, and two Browning Maxus shotguns all went to the test field for two days, along with an ample supply of posterboard. All of these guns, to Browning’s credit, had been previously shown to shoot to point of aim.

How big are the chokes on a Browning 12 gauge?

The Browning Invector Plus “Full” chokes ran about .707 inch exit diameter for an actual constriction of .034 inch. Trulock Precision Hunter “Improved Modified” extended tubes that were used in all 12 gauge shotguns were .715 in. on the money for a constriction of .026 inch.

Is there a weak link in the Browning shotgun?

There is a weak link in Browning shotguns, though, and it is with little question the Invector Plus choke tubes. To be fair, Browning is no better or worse than many other manufacturers in this regard.