Is the Kimber Solo discontinued?

Is the Kimber Solo discontinued?

Kimber ushered in the Micro 9 in 2016 to growing popularity, and in 2017 they will discontinue the Solo. The Kimber Solo was always a picky pistol for many shooters. None of Kimber’s full-frame 1911 pistols, the Micro 380, or Micro 9 were ever plagued with the problems that the Solo could not seem to shake.

Does Kimber have a lifetime warranty?

Kimber firearms are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of the original retail purchase as new merchandise. Kimber reserves the right to inspect the product before making replacements or repairs covered by this warranty.

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Is it OK to dry fire a Kimber 1911?

It is safe to dry-fire our centerfire pistols.

Is Kimber a good company?

When I asked the question, “Is Kimber a good firearm?” the response I got was a resounding yes. Kimber had a reputation for quality, and I trusted that. Throughout the years, I have owned four Kimber firearms.

Why was Kimber Solo discontinued?

The Solo had developed a reputation as being finiky and unreliable. Kimber warned owners to only use certain recommended brands of premium ammo, but it was still prone to failures due to limp wristing or other problems. It apparently is being replaced by a mini 1911 style pistol the Micro 9.

What is the cost of a Kimber Solo?



What Kimber does John Wick use?

While at the Continental, Wick uses a heavily customized reverse two-tone Kimber Super Carry 1911 fitted with a compensator. This could be a continuity error, as that scene is directly after his fight with Ares, in which he picked up the suppressed SW1911SC instead. Wick holding the Kimber Super Carry.

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Is Kimber worth the money?

Exactly and it’s a real value IMO. The kimber custom II is one of the best values in the market. I personally wouldn’t buy one of the really expensive kimber models because I would rather save a bit more and buy a wilson, etc. However, the base custom models are fantastic and worth every penny.

Why are so many gun owners dislike Kimber firearms?

The dies and tooling from Kimber sat in a junkyard in Portland for nearly a decade until Warne decided to try to reopen the company and made the mistake of getting backing from Les Edelman, owner of Nationwide sports distributors and after disagreements over manufacturing processes forced Warne out.

Who is the owner of Kimber of America?

Edelman having purchased Jericho Precision manufacturing in Yonkers New York at the same time he was working with Warne to reopen Kimber moved manufacturing to Jericho and having rights to the name Kimber changed the marquee over to Kimber of America.

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Who is the founder of Kimber of Oregon?

Kimber of Oregon was started in 1979 by Jack Warne and manufactured high quality rifles. Warned sold the company to a guy who processed lumber in the Pacific Northwest and left to make scope mounts.