Is the star M43 Firestar 9mm inoperable?

Is the star M43 Firestar 9mm inoperable?

This is copied from the June issue of American Rifleman, page 66. RECALL: INTERARMS has learned of occasional firing pin breakage in the Star M43 FIRESTAR 9MM pistols within the limited serial number range 1,953,001 to 1,958,000 ONLY. Such breakage does not pose any direct hazard to the shooter; however, the pistol is rendered inoperable.

What kind of gun is a Firestar 9 mm?

These guns are essentially an M43 9 mm Firestar, with a largely different alloy frame containing a double-column, 13-shot magazine. Attempts are made to nullify much of the width with very thin, hard plastic stocks (so thin they are attached only at the rear) though the grip is still very boxy.

How are the sights on a Firestar pistol?

Sights are essentially as good as any full sized duty pistol, but are tapered and snag free. The rear is retained by a set screw, which reduces force required for removal, but may simply be there to assure sights do not walk off under the fairly vigorous slide velocity.

Is the safety pin on the Firestar 43 the same as the 40?

The safety lever is very important to the safe operation of the gun, so use caution not to lose the detent pin. If you do loose this part, a very tiny ball bearing can replace it perfectly well, but good luck getting ahold of one. The model 43 and 40 are mechanically identical, and in fact almost all parts are interchangable.

Is the Firestar M45 a.45 caliber gun?

Star never issued a kit gun, or a single frame with multiple top-ends to offer multiple-caliber capability. Although this has been accomplished by some of our readers without any trouble at all, it is presumably therefore not suggested by Star. The M45 is the .45 caliber version of the Firestar series.

How big is the ambidexterous safety on a Firestar?

Ambidexterous safety levers block the engagement of the trigger, but not movement of the slide, so it can be very safely loaded and unloaded unlike many other guns which lock the slide when on safe. They are both single-column guns with 7 round capacity in 9 mm, and 6 in .40.