What are the effects of a thermonuclear bomb?

What are the effects of a thermonuclear bomb?

Unlike conventional explosions, a single nuclear explosion can generate an intense pulse of thermal radiation that can start fires and burn skin over large areas. In some cases, the fires ignited by the explosion can coalesce into a firestorm, preventing the escape of survivors.

How destructive is a thermonuclear bomb?

Thermonuclear bombs can be hundreds or even thousands of times more powerful than atomic bombs. The explosive yield of atomic bombs is measured in kilotons, each unit of which equals the explosive force of 1,000 tons of TNT.

What kind of reaction is in a thermonuclear bomb?

The first nuclear fusion weapons (also known as thermonuclear weapons) were designed to initiate a fission-based chain reaction. The fusion reaction between tritium and deuterium would result in the free neutrons necessary to bombard a fissile isotope and start a nuclear chain reaction.

What is a thermonuclear bomb made of?

Such fusion weapons are generally referred to as thermonuclear weapons or more colloquially as hydrogen bombs (abbreviated as H-bombs), as they rely on fusion reactions between isotopes of hydrogen (deuterium and tritium).

How do neutrons kill you?

Originally Answered: What is Neutron radiation and how does it kill people? Mostly the neutrons interact with hydrogen nuclei and break their chemical bonds, also causing local secondary radiation, like gamma rays within the body. If you disrupt a lot hydrogen bonds in a cell it will stop functioning.

What makes a nuclear bomb a thermonuclear weapon?

The compressed secondary is heated from within by a second fission explosion. A thermonuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon design that uses the heat generated by a fission bomb to compress and ignite a nuclear fusion stage. This results in a greatly increased explosive power.

How long does it take for a thermonuclear bomb to explode?

The entire series of explosions in a thermonuclear bomb takes a fraction of a second to occur. Teller-Ulam two-stage thermonuclear bomb design. A thermonuclear explosion produces blast, light, heat, and varying amounts of fallout.

What happens if you look at a nuclear bomb explosion?

The intense white light of the explosion can cause permanent blindness to people gazing at it from a distance of dozens of miles. The explosion’s intense light and heat set wood and other combustible materials afire at a range of many miles, creating huge fires that may coalesce into a firestorm.

How does a teller thermonuclear weapon work?

The basics of the Teller–Ulam design for a thermonuclear weapon. Radiation from a primary fission bomb compresses a secondary section containing both fission and fusion fuel. The compressed secondary is heated from within by a second fission explosion.