What is a Colt revolver worth?

What is a Colt revolver worth?

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Is a revolver good for self-defense?

Revolvers have been around for almost 200 years. They’re the first choice for many shooters and well-liked by many others even if they’re not the first choice. There’s no denying a revolver can be a useful weapon in a self-defense situation. We’re not here to argue a revolver over a semi-automatic pistol.

How many Model 1878 Colt revolvers were made?

A total of 51,210 Model 1878 revolvers were manufactured from 1878 to 1907, including 4,600 for the US Ordnance Department. These are known as the “Philippine” or “Alaskan” models. Samuel Colt experimented with double-action revolver systems, but he considered them to be unreliable.

What kind of Revolver is the Colt M1878?

For the .44 caliber version of the Single Action Army Revolver, see Colt Frontier Six-Shooter. The Colt M1878 is a double-action revolver that was manufactured by Colt’s Manufacturing Company from 1878 to 1907. It is often referred to as the “Frontier” or the “Double Action Army” revolver.

Is the Colt Model 1878 double action a success?

The Colt Model 1878 was certainly made in the right calibers to be a success but, like the Colt Model 1877, it proved to be unreliable by comparison with the Colt Single Action Army Model 1873 so it was made in large numbers but it did not survive beyond 1907.

What kind of grips did the Colt 1878 have?

This nickel finish Colt Model 1878 has the original gutta percha “hard rubber” grips left in the natural color. The Colt M1878 was known for its long hard double action pull which made accurate double action use difficult. This led to a modified model being created for US military personnel serving in the Philippines.