What kind of shotgun is Springfield Arms Double Barrel?

What kind of shotgun is Springfield Arms Double Barrel?

My Dad just gave me my Grandfathers Springfield Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. Does anyone on here know anything about these guns? Its old and there is only a number on the bottom of the barrel and receiver that match, I see no other markings on this gun except Proof Tested 12 GA on the barrel.

Where was my father’s Springfield double barrel gun made?

Back in the day a lot of companies made guns – with a different name – under contract for outfits like Sears and Montgomery Ward. My father’s old double is a Fulton, made by the L.C. Smith Co. in Fulton, NY. It was sometimes called “the poor man’s L.C. Smith”.

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Is there a number on the bottom of the barrel?

Its old and there is only a number on the bottom of the barrel and receiver that match, I see no other markings on this gun except Proof Tested 12 GA on the barrel. I dont think its anything special but it was my Grandfathers who has been dead many many years.

What kind of shotgun is a 16 gauge?

1401 J FERNANDEZ 16 GAUGE 2 3/4 CHAMBER SIDELOCK Very nice SXS by old Spanish gun Maker and one of the quality gunsmiths. This quality shotgun is DOC 1 1/2″ X 2 3/4″ X 1 …Click for more info New Perazzi MX16 Lusso Game 16GA with 29 1/2″ Fixed (IC/M) choke barrels, 7×7 parallel game rib with ventilated side-ribs.

How big is a Steve Barnett 16 gauge shotgun?


How big are the barrels on a Springfield Savage?

The barrels are 28 inches long and the entire package is solid and made from metal and wood. It’s an old gun, but its a well made gun. Some friends and I started shooting trap and skeet on occasion on Camp Lejeune and this was the gun I went with.

What kind of guns are at Springfield Armory?

With a huge selection of handguns and rifles, Springfield Armory is the premier manufacturer of quality firearms for concealed carry, home defense, hunting and competitive shooting. ENTER FOR A CHANCE WIN A SAINT VICTOR RIFLE W/ CRIMSON TRACE HARDLINE 3-9 – $1,569 VALUE

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How to tell which model of Stevens double barrel shotgun?

The easiest way to identify which is your model is to measure the upper tang. And Compare it with the side cuts shown above. Stevens model 315 has a straight side. Top tang is 2 5/8 of stocks shown above. There are about 40 old Doubles that can be fitted with the above stocks.

How big is a side by side shotgun?

Item Number Barrel Length Overall Length Average Weight 31420 20″ 36.5″ 6.4 lbs.

Which is the best side by side double barrel shotgun?

CZ’s Bobwhite G2 side-by-side double-barrel shotgun has been reintroduced due to popular demand. It’s easy to see why. The new version comes with a profile to impress. This includes a stylish straight English grip, walnut furniture, and a double-trigger.

Is the Springfield Savage 511 a double barrel shotgun?

These were considered affordable, side by side shotguns for the working man. These are a dual trigger, boxlock SxS shotguns. Mine features one barrel with a modified choke and one with an improved choke. It’s not valuable, even if it came in perfect condition it’s not worth much at all.

What’s the manufacture date of a Springfield shotgun?

The 1915 is a patent date, it has nothing to do with the manufacture date of the shotgun. Patents can run up 37 years before they expire. The information above would also be suitable for your shotgun.

How big is a 12 gauge shotgun barrel?

It tries, and then is immediately reconstricted, and overly constricted, when the forcing cone ramps the mass down to the inside diameter of the barrel. If you measure the outside diameter of a 12 gauge hull you’ll find it to be around .800 inch.

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Where can I buy a Springfield arms shotgun?

Springfield Arms shotguns were manufactured by the Stevens division of Savage Arms from 1920 to 1948. Where can you buy a springfield j Stevens arms company 16 gauge single barrel shotgun in good condition?

What’s the serial number on a Springfield shotgun?

A Springfield shotgun will run about 10 to 15 percent less and one that has been refinished will run a little less than this. [ there is no published serial number/year made tables for Stevens,Springfield or Riverside (the other name Stevens used).]

What kind of shotgun is a Stevens Springfield?

J. Stevens “Springfield” Shotgun, 16 gauge, J. Stevens “Springfield” Shotgun, 16 gauge, double barrel. Stevens Shotgun, 12 gauge, model 620-A, slide Stevens Shotgun, 12 gauge, model 620-A, slide action. Stevens model 77 pump shotgun, 12 gauge, Stevens model 77 pump shotgun, 12 gauge, 27 1/2″ barrel.

Can a double barrel shotgun be used for home defense?

The shotgun has double triggers that allow you to fire each barrel independently at your will. Giving you instant options for switching chokes. The 20-inch barrel is compact enough for the gun to be used as a home defense shotgun. Being a double barrel, cleaning and maintenance are out of the question.

How much does a Stevens 12 gauge shotgun cost?

Estimate: 50.00 – 100.00 J. Stevens model 311 .410-gauge SxS shotgun J. Stevens model 311 .410-gauge SxS shotgun circa 1969 hammerless boxlock action with top-lever, double triggers and extractors. Marked: ‘SPRINGFIELD