What was the reaction to the Winchester Model 94?

What was the reaction to the Winchester Model 94?

You have to understand that the Model 94 was an icon amongst lever action rifles and the standard of comparison at the time. The reaction from gun writers and the shooting public to the changes was swift and terrible, and Winchester has never regained their former position of dominance.

Is there a Winchester Model 94 Canadian Centennial?

*Winchester Model 94 Canadian Centennial *Winchester Model 94 Canadian Centennial Commemorative Lever Action Rifle .30-30 cal. 26″ barrel S/N 20088. Blue finish walnut stocks Lyman receiver sight.

When was the Oliver F Winchester Model 94 made?

The Oliver F. Winchester Model 94 Commemorative Rifle was made in 1980, with 19,999 manufactured (Serial numbered OFW1 to OFW19999). This rifle is fitted with a 24 octagon barrel, full l …Click for more info

Where can I find a Winchester Model 94 Lone Star?

THESE ARE ONE OF HARDEST TO FIND OF ALL THE WINCHESTER 94 COMMERATIVES.PHONE 260 367 2633 CELL 260 243 0700 …Click for more info Winchester ~ 94 Lone Star Commemorative ~ .30-30 Win. Winchester model 94 lever-action “125th NRA Anniversary” 1 of 500. Chambers .30-30 caliber cartridges in a 20″ barrel with an excellent bore.

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When did the Winchester Model 94 get telescopic sights?

Time has forced other changes on the Model 94. One of these was the proliferation of telescopic sights. The top ejection, which threw the empty cases basically straight up and over the shooter’s shoulder, had to be modified to permit conventional scope mounting. And so it was, with the introduction of angled ejection, which became standard in 1982.