What year was the winchester model 94 32 special made?

What year was the winchester model 94 32 special made?

32 Winchester Special (or . 32 WS) is a rimmed cartridge created in October 1901 for use in the Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle. It is similar in name but unrelated to the .

How many bullets does a Winchester Model 94 hold?

The Winchester Model 94 . 30–30 caliber carbine version with a 20″ barrel holds 5 rounds in the tube magazine and 1 round in the chamber. The full size rifle version holds 7 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.

What year did Winchester stop making the Model 94?

The Model 94 was produced continuously by Winchester from 1894 through 1980 when the production of the gun was taken up by the U.S. Repeating Arms Company, which made the Model 94 until 2006.

Is a 30/30 A good gun?

30-30 also tend to be lighter than many other deer rifles, making them easier to carry and shoulder than their typically longer-range counterparts. They also are on the lower end of recoil for deer rifles, making them a good choice for beginners.

How old is the Winchester Model 94 rifle?

As others have said the guns are still in production so without the serial # we cant give you an age. Here is a basic breakdown From Winchester of the serial # ranges and years produced. In 1894 the serial # for the Winchester 94 started at 44,359. Using those numbers you can gauge where your rifle was produced.

What is the serial number for a Winchester 30-30?

The “W” marking was discontinued in February 1941, in the 1267400 serial number range. Oddly enough, I just received a ’94 SRC 30-30, serial# 1249603, made in 1940. Probably 75% condition based on receiver bottom edge wear.

What kind of rifle is the Winchester 30WCF?

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How do you clean a Winchester Model 94?

Thx, Use a cleaning rod and shove it down the barrel, when it bottoms put your finger on it where it comes out at the muzzle, pull it out and lay it over the barrel, the end should be at the face of the breech, if not there is something in it! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING GET HELP!