When was the Remington Model 511 made?

When was the Remington Model 511 made?


Remington Model 511 Scoremaster
Produced 1939-1963
No. built approx. 381,267
Variants Model 511P Model 511SB Model 511X

When did Remington Arms sell?

After filing for bankruptcy, Remington Outdoor Company sold its assets at a bankruptcy auction. The assets held by Remington Outdoor Company were sold off in bankruptcy court on September 29.

How much is a Remington model 511 worth?

Recently Sold REMINGTON 511P SCOREMASTER rifle

Price Item Condition
$270.00 REMINGTON THE SCOREMASTER 511-P – .22 S, L,LR CLASSIC! W/ 2 MAGS! 511 Reno, NV 89502 Used
$206.00 .22 LR 1955 REMINGTON 511-P SCOREMASTER 22-S-L-LR $.01 START-C&R OK 25 INCH ” BARREL Jamison, PA 18929 Used

What’s the serial number on a Remington Model 581?

I just found out about the month/year codes on Remington rifles on this site. I have a .22 model 581 rifle that I purchased new in May of 1972. I was curious as to the actual date of manufacture, so I looked at the barrel. The serial number is 10424XX.

When did the Remington 580 22LR come out?

The Remington 580 series of bolt-action 22LR rifles includes the 580 (single shot), 581 (detachable magazine fed) and 582 (tube magazine fed). They were made over a pretty long run of 1967-1999 (this one was made in 1980.)

Is the Remington 581 22LR a smooth bore?

There was even a 580 “smooth bore” for shooting 22 shotshells. The 580 series was a replacement for the Remington 511 and used 6 rear locking lugs kind of like the centerfire Remington 788 that was introduced at the same time. The action on the Remington 581 locks up very securely.

When did the Remington m581 rifle come out?

Your serial number and date of manufacture support my guess as to the year of manufacture of my M581. I will continue to see if i can positively determine the month, but being able to narrow down the month of manufacture to either July or September is not too bad.