Where are AyA shotguns made?

Where are AyA shotguns made?

Despite a cultural block on the region by dictator Francisco Franco, the upper-class culture of fine guns and hunting survived, allowing AYA shotguns to continue its place in fine gunmaking. A birds-eye view of the iconic gun making city of Eibar, Spain in the Basque Region.

How much is an AyA No 2?

The AyA No. 2 standard retails for about $7,000 and is AyA’s basic side-by-side sidelock. The same gun with a rounded action is $7,500.

What is chopper lump barrels?

Demibloc is often referred to as a ‘chopper lump’ barrel – this is because the barrel with its lump looks like an axe, or ‘chopper’. Each barrel is formed from a single piece of steel, giving additional strength as the metal’s grain flows through the entire barrel.

How are shotgun barrels joined?

In simple terms the construction of shotgun barrels is of two separate tubes, connected at the breech end either by high temperature brazing or soldering and many contrived mechanical joints, or by being pressed and welded to a mono-block. Solder and brazed joints can be made exceptionally strong.

How big is the barrel of an Aya side by side shotgun?

NEW THIS WEEK! This AYA Side by Side Model is a 12 Ga. shotgun. It has 28 inch barrels with ejectors and a solid rib. With 2 3/4 inch chambers it has fixed Full and Modified chokes. A metal bead front sight.

How much does a Aya Aguirre y Aranzabal shotgun cost?

Deeply discounted lightweight and lively bird gun carries like a 20 gauge at 6 1/4 lbs, but hits like a normal 12 gauge. The configuration has modeled the Winchester 21 double with single selective tr …Click for more info $ 1,965. AYA 16g. boxlock in almost like new condition! Boxlocks – Look at all the case coloring, blue, and wood finish!

When did Aya start making shotguns in Spain?

Their apprenticeship had both done by Eduardo Schilling (from Germany) in the town Catalonia. 1938 Augustin Aranzabal headed the firm and also expanded the business to complete guns. There are no AyA guns made before 1938.

What kind of trigger guard does Aya Aguirre y Aranzabal have?

It has grade 2 checkered walnut with an oil finish, a Case-hardened steel action, trigger, and trigger guard with floral engraving, a gold selector, and gold lin …Click for more info Like new! AYA No 2 two barrel set 410 bore 3” with #25 engraving upgrade