Where can I find Winchester Model 70 aftermarket parts?

Where can I find Winchester Model 70 aftermarket parts?

Browse the schematic and find the Winchester Model 70A aftermarket parts that you need to complete your restoration or repair project. Numrich has a wide selection of Model 70A and the schematic to help you find what you might be missing. Numrich has been providing parts like these since 1950 and is trusted by firearms enthusiasts the world over!

Is the Winchester Model 70 short action receiver?

Unlike in more recent years, Winchester did not achieve this short action by creating a unique short action receiver.

How do you rebarrel a Winchester Model 70?

The bolt handle should close easily on go gauge, and stay open on the nogo gauge (above). The last step is to cut a small radius on the end of the chamber to aid in feeding. The barrel can now be installed on the action.

Can a post 64 Winchester Model 70 be used?

Frowned upon by the pre-64 Model 70 fans for its less refined construction and lack of controlled round feed, the post-64 Model 70s can serve the rifleman well. My friend brought over his post-64 Model 70 243 Winchester rifle. The gun spent most of its life serving an across-the-course high power rifle shooter.

What kind of grip cap does a Model 52 sporting rifle use?

This Winchester manufactured magazine release plunger escutcheon is for the model 52 bolt action rim.. This Winchester manufactured hard rubber pistol grip cap is for the model 52 Sporting bolt action ri..

What kind of scope mount does a Winchester Model 70 use?

Quick Detachable Swivel – 1″ Swivel Set w/ Forend Base, For Pre-1978 Models. Scope Mount Base, Redfield Jr., One Piece, Matte Nickel

How big is a Winchester Model 70 featherweight?

Model 70 Featherweight Item Number 535200212 UPC 048702002151 Action Length Short Action Caliber 243 Win Barrel Length 22″ Overall Length 42 1/4″ Length of Pull 13 3/4″ Drop at Comb 1/2″ Drop at Heel 3/4″ Weight 6 lbs 12 oz