8 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Save Your Business

8 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Save Your Business

A Facebook page acts as a medium where your current and future clients can learn more about your business, what it offers, its philosophy and future plans. It is for these reasons that having a page becomes vital to the growth of your business. Besides reaching out to new clients, it incorporates a feature called Facebook Insights that can guide you on how to track Facebook shares from your site.

Current restrictions on news feed have seen experts say that Facebook is no longer fit for business. This is entirely wrong given the enormous benefits that it provides its users.

Below are some unique ways in which Facebook can save your business.


  • Drives traffic to your site


Facebook pages do not restrict you from sharing links to your websites. In fact, this dominant social platform highly recommends it. Research shows that when a Facebook fan clicks-through a link to your site, there are high chances that he will change from a fan to a customer. In addition, you get quality traffic to your site which sends proper signals to search engines.


  • Ease of engagement


Through a fan page, your clients can interact with you on a real-time basis. They can raise complains, give compliments, which can affect decision-making process in your business. This kind of engagement also helps cement trust among your clients.


  • Boost SEO


Many sites suffer from poor search engine rankings. Facebook page comes in handy to help you out of this mess. Facebook being a strong domain, will make your fan page rank well in the search results. By linking your Facebook page to your site, you can drive back Facebook traffic to your site.


  • Helps you reach a wider audience


With more than a billion users, Facebook is an excellent place to find new customers. A fan page is a branding option that reaches out to future employees, customers and the like. They can find more about your business here and understand what you offer. Simply put, it gives your business the visibility it deserves.


  • Help keep pace with competitors


Through the use of a Facebook fan page, you can corner a particular market which can help you stay abreast of your competitors. It enables you to cement a large following that translates to more customers; hence substantial revenue returns.


  • Lower marketing expenses


Setting up a successful Facebook page will cost you zero investment. People may argue that you will need a graphics designer to come up with compelling images. This can be true, but it is not a necessity. You can take cool pictures and include them on your text-based posts. The point is self-taken – compelling photos will attract new customer just like those designed by a graphic designer.

The use of Facebook ads is also cheaper compared to traditional print, TV and radio ads.  A great advantage Facebook has over traditional advertising methods is that ads are targeted to a specific niche, making it easier to reach your target audience.


  • Mobile ready


More than half the population on earth access the internet through smartphones. Facebook has optimized its pages to be mobile friendly. Therefore having a Facebook page for your business will help you reach out to these billion plus users.

Through the smartphone, current and future clients can see your location, hours of operation, a contact they can reach to you directly, and also some reviews from other clients. With this information, they can easily decide whether to conduct business with you or not.


  • Helps cement brand loyalty


Besides getting more clients and making huge sales, a Facebook page will also help you build brand loyalty. By continually providing valuable and engaging content, your clients will remain loyal in the long run. Customers prefer businesses that are active on Facebook as this indicates seriousness and the willingness to serve people.

Remember, People don’t bother doing business with companies that don’t have a Facebook presence.

It is a no-brainer that a Facebook page can play an essential role in ensuring the survival of your business. From bringing you more clients to building loyalty among the existing ones, is by itself a huge benefit to your business. If you have not yet set up the page, please do and watch your business survive and grow through any economic climate.