Adobe Audition now runs natively on Apple Silicon | AppleInsider

Adobe Audition now runs natively on Apple Silicon | AppleInsider

Adobe’s latest round of updates to its audio and video tools brings a much-demanded feature to Mac users: Adobe Audition now runs natively on Apple M1 Macs.

On Tuesday, Adobe released updates to its popular video and audio editing apps, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. Both apps saw general stabilization and speed updates, making the programs easier and more reliable to use.

Both apps also feature a loudness meter with presets for regional loudness requirements, such as EBU for Europe or ATSC for the Americas, and presets for Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Netflix, and YouTube.

Additionally, Audition now runs natively on Apple Silicon systems, providing improved performance for recording and mixing audio content.

A new feature, dubbed “Strip Silence,” has also been added, allowing users to identify and remove silent and inactive regions in clips without losing synching in multitrack audio.

Premiere Pro has also gained new features, including a new Text Gradients feature, allowing users to add gradients to text within the Essential Graphics panel quickly.

Captions have also been improved. Users can now set caption label colors in the timeline, and caption items are directly linked to their associated video and audio clips, allowing for easier editing and better organization.

All of the updates to these apps are available now via Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud is a subscription service offering certain individual apps for either $9.99 or $20.99 per month, or a bundle of them all starting at $52.99 per month, or $600 paid per year.

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