Are Taurus semi automatic pistols any good?

Are Taurus semi automatic pistols any good?

Conclusion. The Taurus G2C is a very affordable CCW pistol with a high 12+1 capacity and great reliability (so far) but still suffers from a long and gritty trigger, external safety, and possibly the brand for some. Plenty of guys will say you should just save more money and buy a better brand firearm.

What is the newest Taurus 9MM?

Officially announced by Taurus USA on June 15th, 2020, the brand new Taurus G3c Compact 9mm selfloading handgun is the subcompact, concealed carry-oriented pistol of the polymer-frame, striker-fired Taurus G3 pistol introduced in the Summer of 2019.

Which Taurus 9MM is the best?

The Top 6 Best-Selling Taurus Handguns

  1. G2C. Formerly called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is available in 9mm and .
  2. TX22. The Taurus TX22 is a .
  3. TH40. The Taurus TH40 is chambered in .
  4. Spectrum. The most affordable Taurus handgun, the Taurus Spectrum is chambered in .
  5. Judge. The Taurus Judge is a .
  6. 1911.

Is Taurus better than Smith and Wesson?

Yes. In automatics, Smith and Wesson is definitely higher quality. I don’t hesitate to recommend any of the M&P line to anyone. There are some good Taurus automatics (the G2C and the old PT92 with the fixed sights that are part of the frame) but quality control on many autos is hit and miss.

Which is better Taurus or Glock?

Feel and performance: Both guns feel good in the hand, the Glock fits my hand better and controls are easier to reach, I found myself having to turn the Taurus in my hand to reach the magazine release. Both guns perform flawlessly, never a ftf, ftl, or stovepipe.

What is a Taurus 9 mm worth?

TAURUS G2C pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A TAURUS G2C pistol is currently worth an average price of $260.80 new and $224.27 used .

Should I buy a Taurus G3?

It is reliable, concealable and inexpensive. As Taurus likes to say, its “performance-to-cost ratio is outstanding.” The only negative to the pistol is that, for its size, capacity (12 rounds of 9mm) is lacking when compared to other similarly sized pistols on the market.

What Taurus guns are recalled?

As part of the settlement of that lawsuit, Taurus agreed to recall the following pistols that consumers bought in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam between 1997 and 2013: PT-111 Millennium. PT-132 Millennium. PT-138-Millennium.

Does Taurus own Smith & Wesson?

Smith & Wesson never owned Taurus. They were both independent companies. However, during the next seven years, a great deal of technology and methodology was passed between the two.

Are Taurus guns reliable?

Taurus: Simply Reliable Every weapon Taurus has made since 1984 is backed by the company’s lifetime quality guarantee, which comes in addition to the lifetime warranty that Dury’s Gun Shop offers on every weapon we sell. Although its headquarters are located in Brazil, Taurus has created many jobs for Americans.

What kind of gun is a Taurus 9mm?

The result is the always popular, and highly acclaimed Taurus PT92 9mm stainless pistol. The Taurus PT92 9mm stainless pistol comes in two models, the matte black LUGER and the polished stainless LUGER. With the only difference being the colour of the guns, the specifications of these Taurus pistols for sale are completely awesome.

When does the Taurus G3 semi auto come out?

Taurus® Introduces the G3 Polymer 9mm Pistol August 30 2019 Taurus®, a leading innovator in handgun technology for personal defense, hunting, and competition, is excited to announce the release of their first full-size G-series pistol. The new G3 9mm semi-auto represents the next generation in the Taurus G-series polymer-frame handguns.

Where are Taurus pistols made in the US?

Seeking to grow prominence in the American firearm market, Taurus created an affiliate company based in Miami, Florida, to make Taurus pistols for sale for the U.S. customers, their needs and to also establish a formative distributor network to put Taurus pistols in the hands of U.S. consumers.

When does the Taurus 22 semi automatic come out?

January 2021 (Bainbridge, GA) – Taurus, manufacturer of premium handguns for defense, hunting, and sport shooting, announces the next iteration of the ground-breaking TaurusTX™ 22 semi-automatic sporting pistol. The new TaurusTX™ 22 Competition builds on the original TaurusTX™ 22 with a slide assembly engineered for optic compatibility.