Do internships count for CPA experience?

Do internships count for CPA experience?

Yes, internship hours count toward work experience. Since many states require that work experience is verified under the supervision of a CPA, if the duration of your internship is less than the requirement for your state/jurisdiction, then obtain verification from the supervising CPA for each internship.

What qualifies as work experience for CPA?

You gain relevant experience and develop as a professional accountant in a minimum of 30 months. Your experience must be appropriately supervised. You must record detailed reports at regular intervals. You must meet and discuss your progress at least semi-annually with a CPA mentor.

How do you write a goal for an internship?

Use these tips to help you write an effective resume objective for an internship:Read the job description carefully. Learn what the employer values from the job description. Highlight skills and competencies. Phrase your objective to bring positive attention to your resume. Be focused and concise. Promise your value.