How big is the barrel on a Smith and Wesson Model 27?

How big is the barrel on a Smith and Wesson Model 27?

This Smith & Wesson Model 27-2 is a 6 shot nickel plated N-frame double action revolver in .357 Magnum Cal. It has a 6 inch barrel with a raised front blade sight and an adjustable notch rea …Click for more info.

Is the Smith and Wesson Model 27 357 Magnum in good condition?

Smith & Wesson Model 27-2 357 Magnum with paperwork, tools, and wood case. S/N: N347981 This revolver is used and in very good condition. The wood case has light scratches and the plastic li …Click for more info

Which is the last pinned barrel Smith and Wesson revolver?

The 27-2 S&W’s were the last pinned barrel and recessed cylinder versions of the great 357 magnum Smith & Wesson model 27’s. Later versions dropped these two features and are considered l …Click for more info

What’s the new Smith and Wesson Model 327 made of?

The new (and currently available) Model 327 series uses Scandium in place of steel to bring down weight. Strongly encouraged by Miculek, the factory discovered that modern metallurgy allowed the large .44-frame cylinder to be bored with eight .357 Magnum chambers instead of the original six.

How big is the barrel on a Marlin 1895?

Marlin 1895 1895G Guild Gun 45-70 factory new in box! Shooters, collectors and big bear hunters, this is a new in the box Marlin 1895G 45-70 Guild Gun with 18.5in barrel. It comes as seen, in box with manual and accessories.

What’s the serial number of a Smith and Wesson?

Smith & Wesson Model 27-2 Revolver serial #S330961, 357 Magnum, 8 3/8″ pinned barrel with an excellent bore. This 1969 made revolver remains in fine condition with about 99% origin… (read more)

When did the Smith and Wesson Model 28 come out?

The Smith & Wesson Model 28 “Highway Patrolman” was introduced as a lower-cost version of the Model 27 in 1954, stripped of some of the features of the Model 27, such as polishing. It was noted for its durability and reliability.

When did the Smith and Wesson Model 327 come out?

In 2008, the eight-shot, scandium-framed Smith & Wesson Model 327 was introduced. A variant of the 327, the 327NG, is part of the NightGuard line. The Smith & Wesson Model 327PD is an 8-shot double-action revolver that has a 4-inch barrel with no muzzle brake or ports, made of a stainless steel.

What kind of Revolver is a Smith and Wesson?

This revolver is a Smith & Wesson Model 27-2 chambered in .357 Magnum. It has checkered wooden grips, polished blue finish, and target hammer and trigger. This firearm is in very good condition ov …Click for more info Another “ESTATE” firearm listing brought to you from Dust 2 Dollars.