How can I decorate my resume?

How can I decorate my resume?

If you go with color, use no more than two colors on your resume in addition to the black type of the main text. Pay attention to your sections and headings. Use boldface or different casing to separate sections of your resume, such as your education, experience, awards and certifications.

What is the Z pattern?

The Z Pattern The Z-pattern layout is typically used on pages that are not content heavy. Its design mimics the route the human eye travels when it reads — left to right, zigzagging top to bottom: Visitors first scan from the top-left to the top-right, forming an imaginary horizontal line.

How do you read a pattern?

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Why is the Z and F techniques effective?

Both the F and the Z-patterns are extremely well documented, and have been used by designers to great effect on pages across the web. In the absence of any other intentionally created flow, these are the patterns people’s eyes will follow. And that is extremely useful knowledge to have when putting together a page.

What is Z shape reading?

A Z-Pattern design traces the route the human eye travels when they read — left to right, top to bottom: First, people scan from the top left to the top right, forming an imaginary horizontal line. Next, down and to the left side of the visible page, creating an imaginary diagonal line.

What is Gutenberg Principle?

The Gutenberg Principle is a lesser-known design principle that describes the general movement of the eyes when looking at a design in which elements are evenly distributed. The Gutenberg principle assumes a design space is divided into 4 equal quadrants. Active quadrants are the top left and bottom right.