How can I tell how old my Waltham pocket watch is?

How can I tell how old my Waltham pocket watch is?

Waltham pocket watches are perhaps the easiest timepieces to date. The American Waltham Watch Company can trace its roots to 1849. Each timepiece has been engraved with a serial number since 1852, starting with number 50. The serial number will pinpoint the year of manufacture but not the exact date.

How do you date a Waltham watch?

Digits in the serial number will range from two to eight depending on the year of production. For example, 1856-1857 Waltham pocket watches will have a serial number between 4000 and 6000. A 1957 Waltham watch will have a serial number of 35,000,000 or greater, according to

How do I know if my Waltham pocket watch is real gold?

Open the case’s rear cover and look for the markings “10k,” “14k,” or “18k.” This should be easy to see, as it will be impressed into the inside back cover. If one of those markings is visible, then your pocket watch is gold.

Where is the serial number on my Waltham pocket watch?

All Waltham pocket watches have a serial number stamped on the movement (the “works”) inside the watch. The serial number can be checked against an online Waltham pocket watch list, which will give the approximate year of manufacture. Waltham pocket watch serial numbers can be accessed by opening the case back.

How can you tell if a watch is vintage?

If you want to identify the age of your old watches, look for their serial numbers – this number is typically on the back of the watch. The serial number on a watch will help you match it to the date it was made, as well as its manufacturer. This is another essential factor in determining the value of your watch.

Are Waltham watches worth anything?

Waltham watches are highly collectible and some specimens are a worthwhile investment. Most Waltham pocket watches have some value, even if it’s only for scrap and parts. Of course, the only way to know the true value is to take your Waltham watch to a professional watch valuer or a Waltham pocket watch expert.

Where is the serial number on a Waltham pocket watch?

How do you know if a watch is valuable?

How can you tell how old a watch is?

To determine the age of your watch, you will need to open your watch and find the serial number on the watch’s movement. This crucial figure will indicate the manufacture date. (Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the number stamped outside on the watch case which is largely used only for identification purposes.)

How old is the Waltham pocket watch number?

Waltham Watch Company large trade sign painting. 1917. Designer signed Waltham pocket watch number 17492 with ornately carved 14k yellow gold nature themed casing. The pocket watch is in working condition, the movement serial number is 10767194. The watch

How to find the serial number of a pocket watch?

Here are a few tips to find information about your pocket watch: Always input the serial number from the pocket watch movement (the “guts” of the watch). Never use the serial number from the case or any other part. If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature.

How is the value of a Waltham Watch determined?

Find a fabulous guide to the Waltham watch models here, including a table of Waltham production dates by serial number. As a general rule, the older the watch is the higher the value, though other factors, such as condition will also determine how much your timepiece is worth. Packaging can also influence the value to a lesser degree.

Where is the movement serial number on a Waltham Watch?

Your movement serial number may not be in exactly the same location as the one in the photo, but you are looking for the serial number that is on the watch mechanism itself… not the serial number on the external case. This is an example using the Waltham serial number table. Be sure to use the table that is specific