How do colleges know what extracurriculars?

How do colleges know what extracurriculars?

Many colleges require recommendation letters. If the recommendation letters from your teachers and the school guidance counselor don’t mention your main activities and awards you put on your application, these accomplishments are not confirmed and won’t be taken into consideration.

How do you promote extracurricular activities?

Send students and parents e-mails about the event. Create colorful posters and hang them in the halls. Then, remind them again once the event is closer. Many students fail to take advantage of extracurricular activities because they do not know about them or they do not understand what they are about.

What are 3 tips to being involved in extracurricular activities?

Here are 5 tips to approaching extracurricular activities:(1) Show Dedication. You must show dedication to any activity you decide to pursue. (2) It’s About Quality, Not Quantity. (3) Don’t Fake It. (4) Community Service & Leadership. (5) Choose Wisely.