How do companies check resumes?

How do companies check resumes?

In order to avoid having to read through the entire pile of resumes, most employers use applicant tracking systems (or ATS as they’re called in the industry) to screen all of the resumes submitted for a position, and filter them based on how the keywords they contain measure up to those sought by the hiring manager.

Does a dismissed charge stay on your record?

A criminal record can make it difficult for you to work in certain occupations, including as a security guard, or with children. If you can get the charges dismissed, your criminal record will remain clean and you will not have a conviction recorded against you.

Can an employer deny employment based on criminal history?

If an individual has a criminal conviction, employers cannot use that as a reason to discriminate against him/her where the criminal offence is unrelated to the current employment. The Act does not provide protection from discrimination in any other context (for example, housing, service provision, etc).