How do you get AWS badges?

How do you get AWS badges?

You can get started by signing in to your AWS Certification Account. Look for the Digital Badges tab: it links to Credly’s Acclaim platform where you can claim your badge(s) and start sharing.

Which AWS exam is easy?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam is the easiest of the exams because it is the least technical and most high-level AWS certification exam of all AWS exams. After that, it would be the AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level (AWS CDA) and also arguably the easiest of all AWS exams.

Which AWS certification should I get first?

If you are software engineer, then DevOps AWS Certification might add more value to your job. DeZyre industry experts suggest that the Certified Solutions Architect exam is the best way to start as it covers the broadest range of skills on AWS so that professionals can get up and running with AWS offerings right away.

How can I learn AWS fast?

So go follow those links and stay put.#1 Understand what is Cloud computing. #2 Understand what is AWS. #3 Don’t scratch your head over IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, XaaS. #4 Familiarize yourself with core AWS services. #5 Watch re:Invent videos for a greater insight.