How do you list Boy Scouts on resume?

How do you list Boy Scouts on resume?

‘Eagle Scout’ should be listed at the top of your extracurricular achievements. Below the award, you should include one bullet point about your Eagle Scout project, one bullet point about your troop leadership responsibilities, and one bullet point that you can cater to whatever type of role that you’re applying.

Should Eagle Scout be on a resume?

You should keep it on your resume. Eagle Scout is not an award or an achievement, it is a testament to your character. The lessons you learned in Scouting are (or should have been) important events that shaped who you are as a person.

How important is Eagle Scout?

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a valuable experience that’ll lead to several benefits for the recipient. These include lifelong friendships, increased confidence, and leadership experience. Eagle Scouts will also have a competitive advantage in college admissions, job applications, and military service.

Do Eagle Scouts get rank in military?

The skills and character Eagle Scouts acquire on their path to Eagle are highly desired not just by colleges and employers, but also by the U.S. Armed Forces. A little known fact is that all of the U.S. military services offer advanced rank placement for Eagle Scouts who enlist in the U.S. armed forces.

How do you become a Life Scout?

Life Rank RequirementsBe active in your troop for at least six months as a Star Scout.As a Star Scout, demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Earn five more merit badges (so that you have 11 in all), including any three additional badges from the required list for Eagle.

What percentage of Scouts make life?

So common, in fact, that it spawned an awesome book about Eagle Scouts called “Four Percent: The Story of Uncommon Youth in a Century of American Life.” As the years go by, though, that 4 percent number has become outdated….Year-by-year Eagle Scout percentages.100 •